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Poor person in a sentence

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Sentence count:42Posted:2018-01-08Updated:2018-01-08
Similar words: poor peoplechairpersoninterpersonalpersonpersonaold personin personpersonalMeaning: n. a person with few or no possessions. random good picture
1. We collected a bundle of old clothes to be given to poor people.
2. To such poor people, the idea of having a choice of food is barely imaginable.
3. A person rich money is not certain, but if the man is not a dream, the poor people.
4. Many poor people gathered at the gate.
5. When poorer people use credit,( person.html) mail order is the key source.
6. It is a paradox that such a rich country should have so many poor people living in it.
7. A lot of poor people were unhoused.
8. It is a paradox that in such a rich country there should be so many poor people.
9. She reflected that there were still a lot of poor people living in the mountainous districts.
10. The present tax system penalizes poor people.
11. The co-operative movement started in Britain in the 19th century; co-operative societies set up shops to sell low-priced goods to poor people.
12. It is paradoxical that some of the poorest people live in some of the richest areas of the country.
13. He helps poor people with a free hand.
14. I have to question the morality of forcing poor people to pay for their medical treatment.
15. He has worked among some of the world's poorest people.
16. Fair trade, say Oxfam, is about giving poor people power.
17. Poor people are increasingly at the mercy of money-lenders.
18. Poorer people find it hard to pay for their pet's upkeep.
19. The project aims to ensure that poorer people are not cut off from the benefits of computer technology.
20. Female speaker It's wonderful news for the poor person.
21. to a poor person.
22. The Pope was a poor person from Poland.
23. He that has a full purse never lacks a friend. Even in a busy market, nobody cares to know a poor person
24. McGovern's parents tried to offer a meal to any poor person who came by.
25. They formed the primary group consciousness, such as the colleague consciousness, fellow villager consciousness, and poor person consciousness, through weak relation and the outside c.
26. The weak students think they will be out of trouble after getting high marks, and the poor person think they will obtain happiness after they get much money.
27. Sometimes love is just too much to ask for a little poor person like Anthony.
28. Learn to have mercy on the ones who hurt you, because they are poor person too. Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard.
29. This leads to what economists call "rent exhaustion, " which again limits the net gain to beggars ... If you are going to give, pick the poor person who is expecting it least.
30. The primary difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they handle that fear.
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