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Poach in a sentence

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Sentence count:36+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-12-14Updated:2016-12-14
Similar words: coachreproachapproachproactiveretroactivelytake into accounteachacheMeaning: [pəʊtʃ] v. 1. hunt illegally 2. cook in a simmering liquid. random good picture
1. Poach the salmon in white wine and water.
2. Poach the pears in apple juice for perhaps ten minutes at most.
3. Poach the fish until it flakes easily.
4. Poach the chicken until just cooked.
5. The swamp country is inclined to poach in winter.
6. The company authorised its staff to poach customers from the opposition.
7. Poach the fish in the stock.
8. Poach the eggs for 4 minutes.
9. Poach in sugar syrup flavoured with vanilla or ginger.
10. Poach remaining apples for two mins in enough water to cover, then slice thinly and fan across the puree.
11. Poach gently in the water for 20 minutes. Add all other ingredients except the yogurt and toasted almonds.
12. For a savory accompaniment, poach in stock with a few cloves to serve with ham, chicken or duck.
13. Firms began to poach partners and to recruit dozens of assistant solicitors and articled clerks.
14. They do not poach in winter, but are liable to become desiccated in summer.
15. They no longer poach pigeons in public parks.
16. Mr Takizaki prefers to poach from other firms, saying that people of varying backgrounds help his company to be creative.
17. We shall see the computer beginning to poach on the preserves of human beings.
18. Some one tried to poach our market manager; she grappled with her moral dilemma.
19. Bake salmon in foil or poach in a light stock for 8-10 minutes.
20. He disrelishs agaric poach little,( want agaric to host again.
21. Poach only if you think you can win the point.
22. Poach vegetable greens in boiling water, drain and place in a plate.
23. Products have perfect poach resistance and no toxicity, and its strength is high.
24. Schools should not compete with each other or attempt to poach pupils.
25. Put on a pan of water to simmer and gently poach the eggs.sentence dictionary
26. In the New World preachers felt free to encroach and poach in search of souls.
27. Peel it, quarter it, core it, cut it in pieces and then poach it in a sugar syrup.
28. Add the caster sugar, if using, and sufficient water to cover, then poach until tender but not too soft.
29. And it gives you that forehand volley up the middle to poach on my returns.
30. I stole his bride. I guess it's OK to poach the florist.
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