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Ploidy in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2018-03-17Updated:2018-05-26
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1. DNA ploidy may be a valuable parameter for prognostic of esophageal cancer.
2. The DNA ploidy, tumor markers and E CD can predict the metastasis degree.
3. Methods: Tumor cell ploidy and the distribution of tumor cells in each stage of cell cycle were detected by flow cytometry.
4. Conclusion There exists a positive correlation between DNA ploidy and prognosis, which means that DNA ploidy can be one of predicting indexes for malignant tumors in central nervous system.
5. Objective:To determine the prognostic value of DNA ploidy and nuclear morphometry, and its relations to nuclear grading in renal cell carcinoma.
6. The DNA ploidy types and aneuploid was associated with prognosis.
7. A wide range of ploidy variation occur to the complex, for example diploid, tetraploid, hexaploid, octoploid, and even dodecaploid.
8. DNA average ploidy value and DNA ploidy type can be used as an important reference index for differential diagnosis and malignance of prostate cancer.
9. Progress of ploidy determination and chromosome doubling in cucurbit crops are also reviewed.
10. The identification results of cell ploidy in the material induced showed that most strains were mosaic with diploid and tetraploid cells at average levels of 79.4% and 20.6% respectively.
11. Flow cytometry DNA ploidy analysis was performed on 47 cases of endometrioid adenocarcinoma,[] 10 cases of normal endometrium tissue with the use of paraffin-embeded sections.
12. Ploidy breeding is an effective and economical breeding method in this way.
13. Progress of method of ploidy determination and technique of chromosome doubling in cucumber were summarized.
14. Results showed that expression of poly ploidy giantism resulting from chromosome duplication were evident not only among organs but also among tissues of the same organ.
15. It indicates that the DNA ploidy content play a role in the diagnosis, but there is no remarkable sense to tissue typing, grading, PCNA express degree and prognosis of RMS.
16. With the increase of chromosome ploidy, the size of stomatal guard cells and the chloroplastid numbers were increased, accompanied by the decrement of stomatal density.
17. Objective To investigate the correlation between DNA ploidy and prognosis of malignant tumors in central nervous system(CNS).
18. Objective To evaluate the value of DNA ploidy patterns and proliferous activity in tumors diagnosis.
19. CONCLUSION: Proliferation and DNA proliferative fraction in gastric cancer do not appear to correlate with survival, but DNA ploidy can be used as a prognostic factor in gastric cancer.
20. Most of current investigations on its origin were focused on the peculiarities of 4N blastomere such as doubled ploidy and the comparatively enlarged cell size.
21. Results The more and higher DNA contents and the proliferating ploidy of keratocyst and ameloblastoma than those of radicular cyst and dentigerous cyst indicate the active proliferating potential.
22. Methods Pleuroperitoneal fluids of 104 patients were examined by DNA ploidy analysis and CEA assay.
23. The result also showed there was some difference in DNA content to the same ploidy between different species and different strains of the intraspecies.
24. The stomatal size was positively related with the chromosomal ploidy .
25. The radicle and hypocotyl length and number of lateral roots increased with increasing germination time and decreased with increasing ploidy.
26. The traditional vinca rosea cultivated is the diploid variety,[] it is necessary to carry on ploidy breeding to enhance its quality.
27. Mutations of conchospores occurred immediately along with spores germination, revealing the genetic characters as the changes of cell ploidy befell.
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