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Plasma protein in a sentence

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Similar words: proteinplasmapheresisproteinurialipoproteinmucoproteinglycoproteinprotoplasmprotein moleculeMeaning: n. any of the proteins in blood plasma. 
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1. Plasma protein binding rate of lofexidine was(about) 38%.
2. As well known, drug plasma protein binding is an important pharmacokinetic process.
3. Objective : To investigate changes of plasma protein S in ischaemic stroke.
4. Resistin, a plasma protein, belongs to a family of cysteine-rich secretory proteins. the formation of intramolecular disulfide bond is very important to its space-conformation and biological activity.
5. Plasma protein C concentrations and parameters of organ dysfunction were measured daily until discharge or death.
6. OBJECTIVE To study the plasma protein binding rate of harmine hydrochloride.
7. The albumin fraction of plasma protein is of the greatest significance.
8. Methods: the binding rate of DCPB to plasma protein was determined by equilibrium dialysis method, and the content of CYP450 was assayed by differential spectrum method.
9. Pregnancy associated plasma protein - A ( PAPP - A ) hasbeen shown to be associated with acute coronary syndromes ( ACS ).
10. Finally, the binding rate of plasma protein was determined by trichloroacetic acid precipitation.
11. While somatostatin reduced levels of plasma protein, hydroxyproline and fibroblast, and granulation tissue hydroxyproline.
12. A plasma protein that is converted into thrombin during blood clotting.
13. Resistin, a plasma protein , belongs to a family of cysteine - rich secretory proteins.
14. The oedematous patients had similar lung function, smoking histories, and plasma protein concentrations to the patients without oedema.
15. Secondly, there is an enhanced permeability of the abomasal epithelium to macromolecules such as pepsinogen and plasma proteins.
16. Methods Using the equilibrium dialysis and HPLC methods detection the binding rate of to plasma protein of rats.
17. CONCLUSION ESI-MS offers some advantages in sensitivity, high-speed, accuracy for studying the noncvalent binding between anti-hepatitis B immune ribonucleic acid and human plasma protein.
18. METHODS: The equilibrium dialysis combined with HPLC to determine the plasma concentration and plasma protein binding rate of arbidol was carried out.
19. The method of ultraviolet spectrophotometer which adopt 5% trichloroacetic acid depositing plasma protein firstly,(sentence dictionary) was introduced to detect plasma MMS concentration.
20. The objective of this study was to determine reference intervals for plasma protein fractions of normal appearing, wild Atlantic loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta.
21. The ratio of bound to unbound drug in plasma is mainly determined by the reversible interaction between a drug and the plasma protein to which it binds, as governed by the law of mass action.
22. The extract increased the WBC of leukopenic mice induced by cyclophamide, and elevated total plasma protein in mice pretreated with hydrocortisone.
23. Objective:Investigate the effects of nutritional intervention on dark adaptation function and plasma protein level, serum essential amnio acid contents in operator working in low illumination.
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