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Plasma membrane in a sentence

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Similar words: cell membraneremembranceremembrancerplasmaembraceembrasureectoplasmcytoplasmMeaning: n. a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell; proteins in the membrane control passage of ions (like sodium or potassium or calcium) in and out of the cell. 
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1. Similarly, the plasma membrane of olfactory cells seems to have an InsP 3 -sensitive calcium channel.
2. The distributional asymmetries of phospholipids in the plasma membrane of erythrocytes and platelets are shown in Fig. 2.
3. The plasma membrane is the medium through which all cells interact with their environment.
4. Pinocytic vesicles were present near the plasma membrane and basement membrane was present around these cells.
5. The plasma membrane is also thought to be far less rigid a structure than originally proposed.
6. Firstly, by studying radiolabelled ion uptake into isolated plasma membrane vesicles.
7. Conclusion DHA shows a strong impairment on the plasma membrane and cytoskeleton of Giardia lamblia.
8. Cytoplasmic membrane, or cell membrane, plasma membrane, is a soft, fragile and flexible semi-permeable membrane, which underlines cell wall and surrounds cytoplasm.
9. Conclusion: It was firstly concluded that plasma membrane of Bufo oocyte exist calcium-dependent chloride channel, except potassium channel.
10. Aquaporin (water pore) A protein channel in the plasma membrane that facilitates water movement across the membrane.
11. The receptor localized to the plasma membrane of the stigmatic papillae on the surface of the pistil is encoded by SRK gene.
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12. Microfilaments also mediated the interaction between midbody and plasma membrane.
13. Glycoprotein changes in mouse sperm plasma membrane during epididymal maturation were revealed by Western blot.
14. It is contained within the plasma membrane and comprises a colorless substance ( hyaloplasm ) containing organelles and various inclusions (e. g. crystals and insoluble food reserves).
15. There is growing evidence, therefore, that inositol phosphates may have direct effects on calcium channels within the plasma membrane.
16. In some cells, there are suggestions that these inositol phosphates may directly activate specific channels in the plasma membrane.
17. Within the epidermal cells microtubules connect the desmosomes of the interdigitating regions with cone-like depressions of the outer epidermal plasma membrane.
18. Thyroperoxidase (TPO)is a glycosylated protein bound to the apical plasma membrane of thyrocytes. It is the key enzyme in the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
19. It is also suggested that improving the motility of spermatozoa from caput epididymis is the way to improve their fusibility with egg plasma membrane.
20. The distribution and changes of agglutinin receptors in the plasma membrane of animal spermatogenetic cells during spermatogenesis and maturation were reviewed here.
21. The wall ingrowths of pri-mary intine of early 2-celled pollen enlarge the surface areas of the vegetative cell plasma membrane, and may facilitate the uptake of nutrients from the anther locule.
22. Recently, many peptides have been demonstrated to be able to translocate across the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells into cytoplasm or even nucleus by a non-classical endocytosis pathway.
23. The sensor specifically recognizes phosphatidylserine on the extracellular leaflet of the plasma membrane through the annexin A5.
24. Much of the mass of a cell consists of this semifluid substance, which is bounded on the outside by the plasma membrane.
25. Exogenous Si decreased fluorescence intensity of leaf tonoplast and plasma membrane in the two cultivars tested under cold stress, namely, the fluidity increased.
26. The spermatozoa protected by glycerol usually displayed the following morphological changes after thawing: the head plasma membrane ruptured, the midpiece swollen and the mitochondria exposed.
27. Probucol also inhibited the formation of an ABCA 1 - linked cholesterol oxidase sensitive plasma membrane domain.
28. Ceramide is a lipid molecule naturally present in the cell's plasma membrane and controls cell functions, including cell aging, or senescence.
29. An integrin, or integrin receptor, is an integral membrane protein in the plasma membrane of cells.
30. Unlike the related polyenes, nystatin and filipin, pimaricin does not change the permeability of the plasma membrane.
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