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Pigeon in a sentence

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Similar words: surgeonpigepigramgeologytigerbourgeoissponge offobligeMeaning: ['pɪdʒɪn] n. wild and domesticated birds having a heavy body and short legs. 
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1. Many journalists here choose to pigeon all but the most innocuous of stories.
2. A pigeon was cooing up in one of the elms.
3. The boy took a pot shot at a pigeon with his air gun.
4. A pigeon emerges, wings flapping noisily, from the tower.
5. Yesterday, a pigeon carried the first message from Pinhurst to Silbury.
6. A pigeon strutted along the roof, cooing rhythmically.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. Before I could get the pigeon the cat pounced.
8. She felt her son had been pigeon - holed as a problem child.
9. Transport? That's not my pigeon - ask Danny.
10. Each pigeon hole is clearly numbered by floor and by room.
11. The cat quietly crept up on the pigeon.
12. Add these to to pigeon, with white wine and chicken stock.
13. But that was the uniformed branch's pigeon, not his.
14. There was a red mark where the pigeon had pecked her hand.
15. Loopy Lil clucked anxiously around like a pigeon.
16. The original passenger pigeon was driven into extinction from a population that reached almost ten million at one point in time.
17. This was weird. Like watching a pigeon attack Evil.
18. The homing pigeon is extremely skilled at doing so.
19. There was no sound except for a pigeon burbling to itself in the road, pecking at horse-dung.
20. I don't care where the money comes from — that's not my pigeon.
21. So the challenge was extended to include a clay pigeon shooting match at Gorebridge between two teams of four.
22. Charles was aware of bird song, chiff-chaff, blackbird, and a crooning wood pigeon.
23. Mirabilis continued to stab the picture, muttering low-voiced curses, looking up at the walls where the pigeon was still standing.
24. If a hawk flies over their coop, they scurry to shelter; if a pigeon, they do not.
25. The wild Rock Dove is the ancestor of the Domestic Pigeon, with its varied plumages.
26. The fire started Saturday afternoon, likely from an unattended campfire in the Pigeon Springs area.
27. One, thanks to the groundsman, is kitted out by a pigeon club.
28. The significance of the disappearance of the buffalo and the passenger pigeon was not fully comprehended until much later.
29. What is it about kitchens at parties that brings out the homing pigeon in everybody?
30. They were thin and tasted of very little but would certainly keep the pigeon going, for now.
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