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Pictorial in a sentence

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Synonym: graphiclifelikepicturalvividSimilar words: victorianqueen victoriavaledictoriandictatorialvictoriousvictoriouslytutorialsartorialMeaning: [pɪk'tɔːrɪəl] n. a periodical (magazine or newspaper) containing many pictures. adj. 1. pertaining to or consisting of pictures 2. evoking lifelike images within the mind. random good picture
1. The pretty girl on the cover of the pictorial is just a sales gimmick.
2. The had insisted on a full pictorial coverage of the event.
3. The exhibition is a pictorial history/record of the town in the 19th century.
4. Pictorial representations of women can carry all kinds of subtle hints and messages, can indeed convey a whole world-view of meaning.
5. X-rays', would be seen by those artists as pictorial verifications of the insubstantiality of solid forms.
6. That became the basis for all pictorial representations for the next sixty years.
7. These paintings owe as much to the pictorial conventions of mass-media imagery as they do to those of fine art.
8. If we are interested only in smoothing for pictorial representation,[] this does not matter.
9. Similarly pupils will often remember a pictorial representation which sums up an event or development.
10. Graphs and pictorial representations Organise Systematically the collection and tabulation of simple data.
11. The earliest written records were simply pictorial representations of natural objects, such as birds and animals.
12. This is essential with prayer rugs and pictorial carpets, which lose much of their impact if viewed upside-down.
13. It is, arguably, the finest pictorial representation of a seventeenth-century winding-sheet.
14. Nevertheless, Ramsay's consummate sense of pictorial design remains as powerful as ever.
15. They are pictorial, with good drapery and expressive features to the figures.
16. Icon - A pictorial representation of a program, file or window.
17. This rapid transmission of pictorial output demands very high speed links.
18. In short, male dominance can be strongly suggested in pictorial representation without the patriarchal male being directly represented at all.
19. Its implication that information, experience, and feelings presented in a pictorial form are readily and immediately accessible needs critical examination.
20. For quick accurate identifications the most promising keys are totally pictorial.
21. Holy pictures frequently stressed the permanence and safety of the past by remaining within pictorial traditions established during the last century.
22. Certainly Mr Mansbridge from his vantage point of above or below can enjoy our acclaim at his pictorial success.
23. But this sculpture remains an isolated example, emphasizing the fact that in its earliest stage Cubism was primarily a pictorial revolution.
24. They can help the reader to develop the appreciation and enjoyment of pictorial material by offering a range of rich visual experiences.
25. Perhaps this is one of the most vivid examples we have of the effect of the pictorial image on the medieval mind.
26. The author, once a portrait and miniature painter, now devoted himself to pictorial photography.
27. That structure stresses open communications and collaboration, and it humanizes the organization by eliminating the number and pictorial importance of levels.
28. Portal sculptures, wall paintings and mosaics created in each church a pictorial record of the Bible stories and teaching.
29. This easy use by non specialists is the great advantage of pictorial keys.
30. A full centralisation of structure and a more flowing and energetic style - often with greater pictorial content - is in evidence.
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