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Phytophagous in a sentence

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Similar words: polyphagousphagocytosisphytoplanktongametophytedermatophytespermatophyteesophagoscopyphytotronMeaning: [faɪ'tɑfəgəs /-'tɒf-] adj. (of animals) feeding on plants. 
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1 There are lots of factors causing infestation of phytophagous pests and changes of dominate species in the apple orchards.
2 The species number of phytophagous , predatory, parasitic and spider groups was 30,8,10 and 20 respectively.
3 Most of them are phytophagous insects and important pests in agriculture and forest; others are predatory insects and are insect enemy and potential resources for biocontrol.
4 Phytophagous insects were more abundant than predatory and neutral insects.
5 Species richness of phytophagous insects in plantation of transgenic insect-resistance hybrid poplar 741 was obviously lower than that of neutral arthropod.
6 In addition, the plant reduces speaking of these phytophagous animal also lacks food origin.
7 The larva and diet of phytophagous coccinellids indicate that that they are the most ancestral group of Coccinellidae evolving from ancestors like chrysomelids.
8 The dominant concentration indexes of Phytophagous group and Parasitic group were the most and Predatory group was the least in the low planted area.
9 Phytophagous insects have the ability of learning in both larval and adult stages. However,( larval diet and experience of feeding do not have direct influence on adult behavior.
10 The species and individuals of phytophagous insect are largest.
11 It is now known that apparent competition is as important as resource-mediated competition, especially for phytophagous insects.
12 Total trend presented that the effluence of the same herbicides on ground community was more than that on plant, and phytophagous arthropod sub-community was more than that of predatory sub-community.
13 The induced resistance of volatile substance of trees to feeding and deposition of phytophagous insects is the inevitable outcome of coordinated evolution between trees and insects for a long time.
14 In this paper have been discussed the mutual countermeasures between trees and phytophagous insects, bio-chemical basis of induced resistance in regulating phytophagous insects populati...
15 Compared with omnivorous pheasants, insectivorous birds and raptorial birds Koklass's digestive system is similar to the typical phytophagous birds.
16 In this paper have been discussed the mutual countermeasures between trees and phytophagous insects, bio-chemical basis of induced resistance in regulating phytophagous insects population.
17 The novel control strategy based on the behavioral manipulation of phytophagous insects has become a main research field in recent decades for sustainable management of crop pests.
18 The dominant insects of this region are Coleoptera, Orthoptera, Hemiptera and Hymenoptera . Phytophagous insects account for a large proportion.
19 Describes the influence of season and elevation variation on dynamics of phytophagous, parasitic, carnivorous and saprophagous in larch in larch forest.
20 The results showed that in the first principal component, the contribution of arthropod community, phytophagous sub-community and predacious sub-community was 66.70%, 73.39% and 54.17%, respectively.
21 Transgenic insect-resistance hybrid poplar 741 had negative effect on target and non-target phytophagous pests, but had positive effect on natural enemies and neutral arthropod.
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