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Physiologically in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-10-12Updated:2017-10-17
Similar words: physiologicalbiologicallyphysiologypathophysiologybiologicalsociologicalecologicallytheologicallyMeaning: ['fɪzɪə'lɑdʒɪklɪ /-'lɒd-] adv. of or relating to physiological processes; with respect to physiology. random good picture
1. It is physiologically unsettling to gaze out from a dark patch into a brighter one.
2. Some people are physiologically vulnerable to the ravages of alcoholism; others can take alcohol or leave it.
3. Emotions influence us mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physiologically in everyday life. We will gain if we are blessed with positive emotions. We will lose if we are controlled by negative emotions. Dr T.P.Chia 
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4. In humans, tubular magnesium, secretion is not important physiologically.
5. Her book concluded that continence was both physiologically and morally essential for the fit reproduction of the race.
6. Alternatively, by conditioning in a physiologically isotonic saline solution, it can remain at a constant size.
7. Rheogram of physiologically based pharmacokinetic model of ciprofloxacin in rats was designed successfully.
8. Especialy, the melanlin, a physiologically active material and the pharmacy of the Black - bone chicken is summarized.
9. Physiologically, older women a thinning of the vaginal walls a corresponding reduction of vaginal fluid.
10. Physiologically, the function of these naris is reflected in the flow of breath in the nostrils.
11. Monascus has been used ayear. The physiologically active substance that Monascus produced had been researched widely.
12. Females may NOT be physiologically able to reproduce; in particular, older females may be infertile.
13. The constituents of the body are physiologically associated with each other and pathologically influence each other.
14. This jibes with research showing that women are physiologically and emotionally more sensitive to unsatisfactory relationships.
15. Camels are among the most physiologically resilient creatures on Earth.
16. Some terpenoid substances are physiologically active, e. g. vitamins A, E, and K.
17. "It's our first glimpse of what's going on physiologically that's causing age-related cognitive decline, " said study leader Amy Arnsten, a neurobiologist at Yale University.
18. As a kind of well physiologically acceptable medical material, collagen is widely used in artificial skin.
19. Pumpkin seed has plenty of nutritional ingredients and physiologically active substance, for example protein and fatty acid which supply some medicinal values for people health.
20. Freud claimed to be committed to science, and he thought a physiologically based psychology was possible, even desirable.
21. The images that pervade your mind affect the way you feel as well as the way your body behaves physiologically.
22. These physical effects of withdrawal indicate that the physical body craves for more of the drug and that it is physiologically addicted.
23. The female adopts a more passive role in conception than the male, and physiologically she has less to do.
24. Individuals acclimatize to cold, for example, by adjusting physically, physiologically or psychologically following cold exposure.
25. Beautiful and sexy girls massage with socks will bring you double physiologically and psychologically relax.
26. The seemingly limitless memory of savants will mostly likely be harder to pinpoint physiologically.
27. The successful design of rheogram has laid a good foundation for establishment of the physiologically based pharmacokinetic model of ciprofloxacin in rats.
28. In addition, the invention also relates to application of the optical isomer R or S and physiologically acceptable inorganic salt or organic salt thereof.
29. Veganism is still the ONLY solution to this problem, because fewer beings—sentient and insentient—would die if humans, who are physiologically herbivorous anyway, ate plants directly.
30. Therefore, the liver and gallbladder cannot be completely separated physiologically and pathologically.
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