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Physical properties in a sentence

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1) Compare the physical properties of the two substances.
2) This can be attributed to its various physical properties.
3) Unfortunately, determining the physical properties of an asteroid be-fore its impact is quite challenging.
4) They are about relations between physical properties.
5) The physical properties that identify this mineral for mineralogists and jewelers set this substance apart.
6) Physical knowledge is knowledge of the physical properties of objects derived by the manipulation of objects.
7) In describing the physical properties of igneous rocks and the minerals that compose them, their texture and acidity were mentioned.
8) A substance resembling quinone in structure or physical properties.
9) Effects of annealing treatment on physical properties of a dental all - ceramic system.
10) All these unpromising physical properties serve to spur the spirit of innovation and experimentation I've described as the city's fundamental feature.
11) A study on some physical properties on metallization of diamond surface and fractography, microstructure the relationship between diamond and metal material phase by the JCXA-733 electron probe.
12) Physical properties: a single scattering holes, including gum sediments, tylosis rich, catheter and ray pits between small, axial parenchyma as paratracheal type, main poly of, ribbon is also common.
13) In crude oil evaluation database,( properties.html) physical properties are calculated by using a neural network method.
14) Polyester acrylates's physical properties fall between epoxy acrylates and urethane acrylates.
15) The physical properties of desulphurizing materials are usually different from coal particles in diameter and density.
16) What one has is the assembling of a recipe for constructing physical properties in complicated interrelationships.
17) It had been conceded that the two forms of cocaine were chemically different and had different physical properties.
18) Currently, the recogniser does not fully exploit information about the physical properties of the input.
19) Chemical Substances Pure substances have a fixed composition and well defined chemical and physical properties.
20) In addition to the large increases in colonic SCFAs, there were also important changes in the physical properties of the colonic contents.
21) The influence of PY (hexamethylene tetraminea and resorcinol) on reinforcement between NR and silica was investigated through swelling method, determination of physical properties and aging test.
22) The invention relates to a multi-physical-technique processing device capable of changing physical properties of aviation kerosene.
23) The effect of SBS and SWD on dynamic mechanical properties, dynamic viscosity, low-temperature physical properties of the asphalt after aging were examined.
24) The formation of secondary quartz, albitite, calcite and laumontite affected the storage physical properties of sandstone in different degrees.
25) The composite reinforced structure was analyzed with a metallograph, and thermal physical properties of material were measured.
26) These processes, known as austempering and martempering, result in products having certain desirable physical properties.
27) The variation of electronic structure leads to the increase of single bond radius and atomic volume and other changes of physical properties.
28) Heat treatment is a method by which the heat treater can change the physical properties of metal.
29) Bleaching properties of KP pulp of Larix kaempferi were investigated in order to understand physical properties of L.
30) The effect of mixer synchronous rotor shape on the dispersibility of nano- fillers and physical properties of NR vulcanizate was investigated.
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