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Phase transition in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2018-09-13Updated:2018-09-13
Similar words: transitiontransitionaltransition statetranspositiontransitivetransitivityintransitivetransitive verbMeaning: n. a change from one state (solid or liquid or gas) to another without a change in chemical composition. 
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(1) We firstly draw the viewpoint of the noise-induced phase transition into a FHN neural model.
(2) The metallographic and crystal orientation marten-site phase transition was analysed. It was feasible to use the relation matrix between new phase and old phase on orientation analysis.
(3) Cosmic string formed due to phase transition in the early universe may be the cause of galaxy formation and clustering.
(4) The apparent specific heat of rabbit artery during phase transition was measured using the Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC).
(5) The dynamic model of phase transition in string cosmology is studied in this paper. The superstring phase transition and QCD phase transition in early universe are analysed.
(6) Much attention has been paid to phase transition and critical phenomena which is an interdisciplinary field .
(7) The superstring phase transition and QCD phase transition in early universe are analysed.
(8) The experimental phase transition from solution to solid is often poorly defined.
(9) The temperature of phase transition in thin film after heat cycle is changed.
(10) The liquid phase transition system is widely encountered in modern engineering applications.
(11) Phase transition mechanism of Xingjiang coal with different coalification is studied by means of coal petrology , the influence of coke micro - structure on coke thermal property is discussed.
(12) After these discussions, the liquid - gas phase transition can be concluded to exist in strange hadronic matter.
(13) Renormalization group method which calculates fractal dimension theoretically is the most useful tool when we study critical phenomena of phase transition.
(14) The Lattice Gas Model is introduced to describe the features of phase transition and critical phenomena that take place after the collision between heavy ions at intermediate or high incident energy.
(15) It has been found that C 11 and C 33 have step - like changes in the phase transition zone.
(16) And the ground-state entanglement varies suddenly at the critical point of phase transition. The entanglement between two particles is enhanced due to the energy current.
(17) This model including diffusion of O and CO eliminates the second order phase transition.
(18) The contents are kept in a non - frozen state below a phase transition temperature.
(19) Good order parameter can reflect the symmetry changes perfectly during phase transition.
(20) Their structures were determined by IR, NMR and MS. The phase transition temperatures were measured by DSC[], mesomorphic textures were recognized by polarized microscopy.
(21) Model RB not only avoids the trivial asymptotic insolubility of previous random CSP models but also has the great advantage of being able to determine the phase transition points exactly.
(22) In the designed thermoelectric device, high caloric value liquid fuel and high energy store PCM fuels were used as heat source while low phase transition temperature PCM as heat sink.
(23) The experimental results show that the ceramic compositions of BLTZ system have diffuse phase transition characteristics and rather large electrostrictive effect in the vicinity of Curie peak.
(24) With decreasing grain sizes, its crystal structure, ferroelectricity and phase transition temperature all indicated the character of size effect.
(25) The ultra-high energy heavy-ion experiments are the main ways to study QGP phase transition at the controlled condition.
(26) The cold storage box assembly is connected with the refrigerator drawer bottom plate, and the phase transition cold-storage fluid is filled into a cold storage box.
(27) Through a typical quantum measurement model, we study the relation between decoherence of a central two-level system and quantum phase transition in its environment.
(28) A principle and method was proposed for process intensification by applying phase transition.
(29) Phase transition has the capacity to store thermal as latent heat of fusion at a constant temperature corresponding to the phase transition temperature of the phase change materials.
(30) Up to now, there have been hands of mineral liquid crystalline materials, and mostly show isotropic-nematic phase transition, such as V_2O_5, boehmite.
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