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Pfc in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2018-05-15Updated:2018-05-15
Meaning: n. a powerful greenhouse gas emitted during the production of aluminum. 
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1, The new PFC converter without rectifier bridge based on new topology is compared with conventional PFC.
2, In order to suppress the unmeasurable external disturbance, a novel predictive functional control (PFC) method with disturbance observer for no self-regulating process is presented.
3, For re boiling furnace of dimethyl benzene tower in arene rectifying process the PEC PID cascade control algorithm based on the principle of prediction function control (PFC) is sta ted.
4, Therefore the only real current flow from the inverter is the relatively small amount required to overcome losses in the "PFC" capacitor and the work coil.
5, The introduction of PFC inductor current critical continuous mode Boost converter, DC/DC-level model using quasi-resonant flyback converters.
6, The PFC capacitor provides reactive current flow equal and opposite to the large inductive current drawn by the work coil.
7, Objective To investigate the effects of perfluorochemical (PFC) on in vitro long-term hypothermic heart preservation in rats.
8, The prefrontal cortex (PFC), a cortical region at the anterior end of the brain, has long been known play a central role in orchestrating complex thoughts and actions.
9, Stimulation of 2 - ARs promotes PFC neuronal development in culture, such as increasing the dendrite lengths.
10, Active PFC techniques have been researched systematically and used widely in the recent twenty years because of high power factor (PF) and low total harmonic distortion (THD).
11, This work was focused on the study of PFC topologies and digital control of DPS system.
12, Asymmetries in the PFC and the amygdala are the physiological bases of individual difference in emotion.
13, Ones the PFC starts running the IGBT ( Q 2 ) gate supply becomes active.
14, The PFC(Predictive Function Control) is applied to realize the optimal control of boiler coal pulverizing system.
15, A new high-performance PFC method based on OCC is adopted in this paper, which has great technical advantages in input power factor correction and harmonic suppression for single-phase rectifier load.
16, PFC play an important role in UD and BD.
17, A new circuit of separable three-phase PFC(power factor correction) was proposed. One-cycle control strategy was applied to achieve unity power factor in three-phase rectifier.
18, However, programmer can make use PFC technique to design the new data window object, more functional,[] more professional and more normative.
19, The paper proposes a PFC voltage loop simulation model based on system modelling method.
20, HFO + PFC leads more rapidmy to reach best gas exchange and Cdyn.
21, You can see that the variac has the PFC and the line filters taped to it...
22, Objective To investigate the effects of aerosolized perfluorocarbon(PFC) on gas exchanges, respiratory mechanics and hemodynamics in a swine model of acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS).
23, A study of the fluid properties of PFC blood.
24, The R 2 A 20112 is an interleaving dual - phase critical conduction mode PFC controller.
25, The injury protectived control group A had lower MST, Ep, PFC, TFL than positive control group.
26, METHOD:To observe the effect of S-8300 on the formulation of serum haemolysin, PFC and the content of IL-2 in serum of the immunosuppression mice caused by cyclophosphamide(Cy).
27, Transform used two methods, the former level for Boost PFC converter, for after-class full-bridge phase-shift soft-switching PWM converter.
28, This study presents a new single - stage single - switch PFC flyback DC converter.
29, A DC model is presented on the basis of the operation principle of a new three-phase AC/DC converter with PFC.
30, Chaos Control for Several Chaotic Systems and Bifurcation Analysis in Single - Stage PFC Power Supplies.
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