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Personality test in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-04-15Updated:2018-05-26
Similar words: personalitysplit personalityimpersonalitypersonality disorderpersonality inventorypersonalitiespersonal identitypersonal interestsMeaning: n. any test that is intended to assess personality. 
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1 All candidates have to undergo a personality test.
2 Ask him if he would mind taking a personality test.
3 They were also given personality tests, since some studies have found an association between susceptibility to infections and personality type.
4 Personality tests have not been found to have such high predictive validity as ability tests.
5 So here's my baseball personality test : Are you a chatty first baseman or a sullen shortstop?
6 The study used the Hogan Development Survey, a personality test designed to pick up on negative traits.
7 It's not that much of a personality test, and we don't believe that there are people who consistently always notice these things.
8 Life is an IQ test and a personality test and an IQ result contains elements of both (but mostly intelligence).
9 Objective : To explore personality test and brainstem auditory potentials ( BAEPs ) in patients with migraine.
10 These "diagnoses" are part of a personality test, the Rorschach Inkblot test.
11 Do you still use a personality test along with interviews now?
12 While IQ and personality test may not bear much direct relation to Fechner's ideas, their spirit is the same: to measure, to quantify, to know the difference between.
13 Personality is an area of subjectivity he avoids, despite the proliferation of personality tests.
14 They do not judge personality, nor do they use personality tests.
15 Eysenck's theory depends on a high correlation between criminality and particular personality characteristics identified by personality tests.
16 On the following trip, 1 interviewed every-one who worked with Ed and asked him to take a series of personality tests.
17 When might you need to give blood for a personality test?
18 For help finding stress management techniques that may work with your personality and situation, try the Stress Reliever Personality Test.
19 Gender and level of education both had a strong influence on music, literature and film preferences, but the strongest correlation came from the personality test.
20 I, on the other hand, am a Builder, concludes Fisher after I complete her personality test, which she designed for online dating website
21 Then there are the really touchy-feely questions, seemingly plucked from a personality test.
22 Surveys are asking residents like Lee Simonds about their city, as well as questions that seem plucked from a personality test.
23 Dear Samurai: Sounds as if your wife is familiar with a personality test widely used in business called the Myers Briggs Type Indicator,( which identifies introversion as a specific personality type.
24 If you are not sure about your personality type, take a personality test.
25 Before you even get started, you have to create your marketing pitch -- get some decent photos, write an engaging profile, sometimes take a personality test.
26 Also, if you're in a romantic relationship, you might be interested in taking Rich's financial personality test.
27 Before the interview, ActionCOACH asks candidates to take a personality test in order to group together applicants with similar profiles for positions that best fit those traits.
28 If you can do that, who cares what a personality test says you are?
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