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Peritoneal cavity in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2018-08-09Updated:2018-08-09
Similar words: oral cavitynasal cavitycranial cavitypleural cavityabdominal cavityperitonealintraperitonealretroperitonealMeaning: n. the interior of the peritoneum; a potential space between layers of the peritoneum. 
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1) The peritoneal cavity is a potential space.
2) Collection of eggs from the peritoneal cavity after ovulation is not efficient.
3) Methods Peritoneal cavity of 60 cadavers ( 45 adults, 15 children ) were investigated.
4) Mesentery is one of the important structure of peritoneal cavity, which includes mesentery of small intestine, transverse mesocolon and sigmoid mesocolon.
5) The lymphocele is internally drained into the peritoneal cavity by excising a segment of peritoneum.
6) Endometriosis is another condition involving the peritoneal cavity that is commonly associated with infertility.
7) Rupture into the peritoneal cavity is the most severe complication a high mortality rate.
8) The milky white fluid shown here in the peritoneal cavity represents a chylous ascites.
9) The image showed leaf-like peritoneal cavity filling with air. Both ligamentum teres hepatic (arrow 1) and local abdominal adhesions (arrow 2) were seen clearly.
10) OBJECTIVE To study the role of Enterococcus in peritoneal cavity infection and the infection -associated factors, by which the prophylactic measures are put forward.
11) After entering the peritoneal cavity from the presacral plane, the forepart of pelvic floor peritoneum was hindered by the seminal vesicle, and was dissected under transabdominal laparoscope.
12) The peritoneal cavity is a closed sac.
13) There were no signs of Bleeding into the peritoneal cavity nor of pneumothorax, But the head and neck became increasingly cyanosed and the jugular veins considerably distended.
14) Conclusions:Outline of peritoneal cavity can be clearly assessed by peritoneography, which plays an important role in the diagnosis of pelvic floor peritoneocele.
15) They also minimized the risk of infection caused by faecal matter accidentally spilling into the peritoneal cavity during the operation.
16) Several hemoclastic reactions were considered as caused by gross contamination of the bloodstream from the sites of wounds or from the peritoneal cavity.
17) Objective To examine the analgesic effect of alginate-chitosan-alginate (ACA) microencapsulated bovine chromaffin cells (BCC) transplanted in the peritoneal cavity in mice.
18) Conclusion: CHIP provides high concentration of DDP in the peritoneal cavity, inducing higher local tumoricidal effect, lower nephric and systemic toxicity.
19) It was supposed that prolonged air insufflation during endoscopy forced intestinal air to track into the peritoneal cavity through the bile ducts and the puncture tract.
20) Objective:To give an exact description of the attachments of the lesser omentum and to point out the superior recess of omental bursa should belongs to what partition of the peritoneal cavity.
21) The mechanism of SBP is mainly decreased intestinal mucosal defense function and increased permeability,( cavity.html) by which bacteria colonized in intestinal cavity translocate to the peritoneal cavity.
22) Objectivel Ascites is pathologic accumulation of fluid within the peritoneal cavity.
23) Soft tissue sarcomas can occur in any site throughout the body and are more frequently found in the limbs, peritoneal cavity and retroperitoneum.
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