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Periodontitis in a sentence

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Sentence count:60Posted:2017-08-22Updated:2017-08-22
Similar words: periodontalendodontistorthodontistorthodonticsperiodconodontperiodictime periodMeaning: n. a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth. 
1. Men with periodontitis had more than a twofold increased risk of dying compared with men who had no periodontal disease at baseline.
2. The bacteria which cause periodontitis have been proposed as possible causative agents.
3. Is the periodontitis able to initiate leucocythemia?
4. Periodontitis: Inflammation of soft tissues around the teeth.
5. Periodontitis is a common and frequently encountered disease. However, its mechanism is remain unclear.
6. With the further investigation on the periodontitis aetiology, the importance of the subgingival microbiological detection becomes more significant.
7. Objective To provide reference for prevention and treating periodontitis by analysing the subgingival flora of chronic periodontitis.
8. Which does the periodontitis symptom have? Can the periodontitis administer well?
9. Results: Relationship between serum osteocalcin and periodontitis has not be defined.
10. Objective:To provide reference for prevention and treating periodontitis by comparing the subgingival flora of type-2 DM patients of chronic periodontitis with non-DM periodontitis.
11. Gingivitis did not increase the risk of coronary heart disease, whereas periodontitis or having no teeth increased it by about 25%.
12. Objective To study treatment method that improve the chronic periapical periodontitis.
13. Conclusion The results indicate that tinidazole chitosan gel appears to be more effective than metronidazole cataplasm as local application against periodontitis and pericoronitis.
14. Objective: To study the expression of IL-8 and elastase in chronic periodontitis patients.
15. Objective To study the auxiliary effectiveness of dental floss or interdental brush in treating severe chronic periodontitis.
16. The second reason were abutment recurrent caries and then dummy breaking, gingivitis and periodontitis etc.
17. Objective : To study soluble intercellular adhesion molecule - 1 ( sICAM - 1 ) levels in gingival crevicular fluid ( GCF ) of patients with adult periodontitis ( AP ).
18. Therefore , metronidazole - doxycycline gel is effective in the treatment of periodontitis.
19. It was proved that custom designed framework could solve the clinical dilemma of severe dentition attrition, food impaction and periodontitis, and the odontoptosis was repaired.
20. Objective To explore the effective nursing stage prevention of periodontitis.
21. Some clinical case reports have shown that immature permanent teeth with periradicular periodontitis or abscess can undergo apexogenesis after conservative endodontic treatment.
22. Methods:Mycostatin was sealed in root canals in 76 cases with therapy-resistant apical periodontitis, and post-operation response was evaluated.
23. Objective To evaluate and compare the efficacy of calciun hydroxide or formocresol as an intracanal medicament in root canal therapy of periapical periodontitis teeth.
24. Root conditioning by minocycline-HCl could improve PDLC attachment and proliferation on root cementum surface affected by periodontitis.
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25. METHODS: In the randomized, double blind, parallel-group, controlled and multicenter study, 160 adult cases of periodontitis were divided evenly into experimental group and control group.
26. The 2 - way relationship between diabetes mellitus and periodontitis is discussed.
27. Conclusion: The tinidazole dexamethasone iodoform cataplasm is effective to prevent acute inflammation in the root canal treatment of chronic periodontitis, and it has reliable long term effects.
28. Objective : To evaluate the clinical effection of ornidazoletreating suppurative periodontitis and pericoronitis.
29. Objective To test the effect of TNZ on oral spirochete among 36 patients with severe periodontitis.
30. Objective To find if there was monocyte chemotactic abnormality in rapidly progressive periodontitis.
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