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Periodization in a sentence

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1 The postmodernist dilemma of periodization is vividly dramatized by these efforts to circumscribe their location in contemporary fiction.
2 Periodization includes phases of high training stress and planned periods for recovery and restoration.
3 I recently read a book titled "Periodization" by Brian P. Moran. This amazing book discusses the concept of moving away from a 12 month year, to a "12 Week Year."
4 The first opinion extends the Marxian periodization of Chinese history to the study of historiography, although its supporters are not necessarily Marxist historians.
5 Through the review of the development of periodization, the author thinks it is necessary to make systematic study on the theory of periodization in different item groups.
6 The paper discusses several views on the periodization of Kizil Grottoes and points out that C14 test opens a new route for the study of the periodization of Kizil Grottoes.
7 Periodization divides a training cycle of, say, 16 to 20 weeks into phases, each with a specific goal, so you don't have to do every type of workout all the time. In fact,( you shouldn't.
8 Periodization and Sovereignty: How Ideas of Feudalism and Secularization Govern the Politics of Time (Middle Ages S.
9 "Periodization helps you reach a higher level of performance," says George Dallam, a professor of exercise science at Colorado State University-Pueblo and an elite triathlon coach.
10 For satisfying the demands of the theory and practice, studying the periodization features in different event-group is necessary.
11 Especially from the end of 40s of 20 century, along with the end of World War II, research on the periodization has developed rapidly in the former Soviet Union.
12 The argument is made according to such aspects as historical periodization, objects and range of study, historical conception of arts, and research methodology.
13 The development of technology and improvement of test methods are the hopes for solving the periodization of grottoes.
14 The classification of ancient Chinese literature into two halves is particularly meaningful for the periodization of literary history.
15 No consensus has been achieved among scholars on the questions concerning the fundamental reorientation and periodization of China's contemporary diplomacy.
16 Textbooks of different period varied greatly from each other either in the stylistic rules and layout, the central clues,( or in periodization.
17 Record of Art and Culture, History of Han Dynasty makes a theoretical summary of the phenomenological periodization of Chinese novels.
18 Based on the findings of eight sites in this region, and compared with the adjacent area, this paper discusses the periodization, demarcation and spread routes in the period of the Erlitou culture.
19 At the beginning of 20 century, sports training expert from many countries had already paid more attention to the periodization in sports training process.
20 You won't find any magic workouts, miracle diet supplements, or all-purpose periodization schemes.
21 The tomb is a typical Western Jin and its clear date, intact tomb structure, and abundance of funerary objects provide important materials for periodization of graves of the Western Jin.
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