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Periodicity in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2017-08-21Updated:2017-08-21
Similar words: periodic inventoryperiodicperiodicalperiodicallyperiodic lawperiodic tableperiodizationperiodMeaning: n. the quality of recurring at regular intervals. random good picture
1. Periodicity is the consequence of activity propagating through the closed loop.
2. Other features of migraine, such as the distinct periodicity and vomiting, may be lacking.
3. Periodicity of nuclear properties began to show up.
4. Periodicity advance model of 1 - D slab symmetry detonation wave is investigated.
5. The periodicity in the distribution of quasar redshifts is interpreted assuming that the cosmological space is a topologically compactified manifold like three dimensional torus.
6. The three kind distributions are periodicity distribution, multiplier periodicity distribution and the golden section distribution.
7. It is shown that the periodicity and weakening surge is caused by the interaction between the self-excitation of the resonant circuit and transferred electron oscillation of the switch.
8. There was a primary periodicity of about 2.8 years for snow cover.
9. In some cell lines there is a similar periodicity in changes of cell surface antigenicity or response to wheat germ agglutinin.
10. However, sounds that display a recognizable periodicity tend to be more musical than those that are nonperiodic .
11. Lastly, the paper studies the periodicity of the minimal strong components and the circularly dominating index.
12. In consistent with the periodicity of cambial activity, the variability of peroxidase isozyme activity as demonstrated by isozymography was most sign.
13. The periodicity of the flow and heat transfer in a corrugated channel is numerically investigated.
14. The periodicity disappears when the mass flux is larger, and the flow is more chaotic.
15. The present paper presents a new optimized algorithm based on the periodicity of angles, the limit of angles, and the tabulation space for software implementation.
16. The results show that most of the sublayer structures have fine periodicity and have sharp interfaces in an atomic size.
17. Increasing and decreasing of stored starch were closely related to the periodicity of cambial activity during the year.
18. The bed was under a state of incoherent spouting, marked with obvious periodicity.
19. It is shown that the phase noise spectrum density shift periodicity with the length of external cavity and the peak value of power spectrum density varies considerably with the feedback coupling rate.
20. Because of the disturbance of random error, the rotative error motion will not have strict periodicity, which will lead to the least square centers not appearing repeatedly in the same position.
21. The variations of polysaccharide content and zymogram and activity of peroxidase, esterase and amylase isozyme were related to the periodicity of cambial activity.
22. The paper proposes a spectral theory-based railway logistics cycle fluctuation analysis approach to validate periodicity characteristics of the railway logistics transportation fluctuation.
23. The temporal periodic pulse can stabilize the system to spatial fixed point with temporal periodicity and spatial quasiperiodicity.
24. Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is a new generation of Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM). It not only can be used in conductor, semiconductor, nonconductor, but also can't be limited by periodicity.
25. Experimental results show that the performance of algorithm is better than existing periodicity detection algorithms.
26. The non autonomy statement equation basic circuit was established in this paper, and the conservation electric charge equation was worked out basing the periodicity of its stable solution.
27. The 15 Zhan Zhuang masters have been studied with an electromyograph. It is found that there is a wavy periodicity in the amplitude, and a successive decrease in the lasting time of the periods.
28. Furthermore, FFF regression works well in determining the intra-day periodicity.
29. A micromechanics model is presented based on the hypothesis of periodicity in composite microstructure.
30. In the communication of Multiplex System for the making principle of signal, the DS signal contains the periodicity of symbol and code. And it is a second order cyclostationary signal.
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