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Periodically in a sentence

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Synonym: sporadicallySimilar words: periodicalperiodic tableperiodic inventorymethodicallyspasmodicallymethodicalradicallysporadicallyMeaning: adv. in a sporadic manner. random good picture
1 The spaceship's jets were fired periodically to dampen a side-to-side pendulum motion that had developed.
2 The company's assets are periodically revalued.
3 Economic crises recur periodically.
4 Teachers meet periodically to discuss progress.
5 They looked in periodically to check the work in progress.
6 Meetings are held periodically to monitor progress on the case.
7 Periodically,[] we meet to discuss any problems.
8 This group of patients should be reviewed periodically to establish whether medication is indicated or whether alternative approaches should be used.
9 Some even evaluated themselves periodically on such criteria, fretting that they would not be able to change.
10 Periodically, Congress has made half-hearted attempts at finance reform.
11 The fact that Dobson periodically addresses the issue of wife abuse in his speaking and writing is commendable in itself.
12 The streets were periodically thronged with soldiers on their way to the front, some of whom pillaged as they passed through.
13 The most renowned of these pipe bands travel periodically to the cities, where they perform in night spots for tourists.
14 Men may work periodically as day laborers on others' fields, as carpenters, or masons.
15 As she grows, she must periodically shed her inelastic skin.
16 Lesser Black-backed Gulls nest on the cliffs periodically, as do Black Redstarts.
17 None the less, groups periodically emerge to articulate demands for political, social, and economic changes.
18 Keep this off the leaves, and turn it periodically to prevent condensation.
19 Periodically one of us dropped into a fevered sleep.
20 The geyser erupts periodically.
21 Periodically the car may deviate from the road.
22 Huggins periodically asks store managers to nominate 10 chocolates for oblivion to make room for new products.
23 A younger woman with outsize spectacles behind them periodically gave a slight nod of her head.
24 Indeed, fusion bombs and warheads must be periodically disassembled and recharged with fresh tritium.
25 Palomar students periodically hike to the top of the peak to whiten the letter.
26 After that we explored the lot periodically, coming home with stickers all the way up to our waists.
27 Regulations said that instructors must go up periodically, but he was always glad when they touched down.
28 I know that my father was required by his parents to drown the kittens that the family cat would periodically deliver.
29 Their small nomadic populations, growing and subdividing during the good years, were periodically culled by cold and starvation.
30 Maximum penalties, and occasionally fixed penalties, are set out in statutes and periodically revised.
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