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Peremptory in a sentence

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Sentence count:30+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-27Updated:2017-03-27
Synonym: autocraticbossydominatinghigh-and-mightymagisterialSimilar words: peremptorilycaveat emptorcrematorysymptomtemptemptysymptomaticexemptMeaning: [pə'remptərɪ] adj. 1. offensively self-assured or given to exercising usually unwarranted power 2. not allowing contradiction or refusal 3. putting an end to all debate or action. 
1. His peremptory tone of voice irritated everybody.
2. He started issuing peremptory instructions.
3. With a brief, almost peremptory gesture he pointed to a chair.
4. The letter was peremptory in tone.
5. She was highly critical of the insensitive and peremptory way in which the cases had been handled.
6. Then we get a peremptory phone call telling us we've got twenty-four hours to arrange a local arrest squad.
7. Nevertheless, the peremptory dismissal of the book which established the modern discipline of macroeconomics is disconcerting.
8. Nabokov, who is exceedingly peremptory with all translators of Flaubert, renders this as whippet.
9. The officer issued peremptory commands.
10. If he found her tone peremptory he gave no sign of it.
11. Then each side can exercise 23 peremptory challenges, excusing jurors without having to cite a cause.
12. He is peremptory even with a doorbell button.
13. She developed a peremptory and fussy disposition.
14. He had a peremptory blunt butting even bullying manner.
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15. His peremptory style became more understandable.
16. He's much too peremptory to cooperate with others.
17. There was a peremptory note in his voice.
18. But a peremptory negative from upstairs prevented any play from being acted thereon.
19. His peremptory character makes people around him feel disgusted.
20. Olivia , curious to see who this peremptory messenger might be , desired he might be admitted.
21. She was the mother of two peremptory little boys.
22. Robert outfaces his perplexity with his most peremptory air.
23. In pursuance of her father's peremptory command, Sophia now admitted Mr. Blifil's visit.
24. He made a peremptory order.
25. Today, uniformed warders break that first ethereal stillness with their peremptory warnings about smoking and taking pictures.
26. John Stuart Mill wrote in 1861 that it was "required by first principles that the receipt of parish relief [welfare] should be a peremptory disqualification for the franchise."
27. In short, their position as it emerged in the three meetings with us was peremptory unyielding.
28. The law itself is a product of human reason, is a peremptory norm of social life.
29. ViennaConvention on the Law of Treaties of 1969 expressly provides peremptory norms.
30. It is wrong to indulge in arbitrary decisions and peremptory actions and to ignore our allies.
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