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Pendulum in a sentence

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Similar words: curriculumcurriculum vitaeindulgeundulantundulateindulgentend upendureMeaning: ['pendʒələm /-jʊl-] n. an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity. 
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1. The pendulum in the grandfather clock swung back and forth.
2. As so often in education, the pendulum has swung back to the other extreme and testing is popular again.
3. The political pendulum has swung in favour of the liberals.
4. The pendulum swung slowly backwards and forwards.
5. After several years of Republican government, the pendulum will undoubtedly swing back and voters will elect a Democrat.
6. In education, the pendulum has swung back to traditional teaching methods.
7. The ball which hung the roof is compound pendulum.
8. I look forward to smoother graphs of pendulum motion!
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9. He actually got the adrenalin going, forced the pendulum which had almost stopped to swing again.
10. Bruce had a simple pendulum of the kind people employ to locate water, and which he used for diagnosis.
11. As we neared the center, we saw the pendulum clearly.
12. Thus the pendulum of public pressure swings back and forth, reflecting the unresolved tensions within public policy.
13. Solving the pendulum problem requires one to exclude rather than include variables.
14. By the 1870s and 1880s, however, the pendulum was swinging in the opposite direction.
15. Harrison completed his first pendulum clock in 1713, before he was twenty years old.
16. Conroy said he believed the pendulum had swung back toward the belief that children should be punished.
17. Looking at the results for length of the pendulum string, one observes a consistent pattern.
18. Today, the fashion pendulum is swinging back to casual clothes.
19. For death penalty adherents, the pendulum has finally swung their way: California will enforce the death penalty more quickly.
20. The pendulum has swung from silly dreaming to grinding pragmatism.
21. He accidentally found that the desk clock did not swing its pendulum.
22. The spaceship's jets were fired periodically to dampen a side-to-side pendulum motion that had developed.
23. The wind blowing down the gorge was causing the boat to swing back and forth like a pendulum.
24. She was swinging slowly from side to side, like a pendulum.
25. It is very likely to over-react, however, and introduce formal procedures that swing the pendulum too far the other way.
26. This type is illustrated in Figure 5.6, which shows the pendulum used at Bristol for studies at low temperatures in vacuum.
27. Alexander Bain, the inventor, devised a way of skimming raised metallic letters with a stylus attached to a pendulum.
28. Highly paid banking jobs were seen as very desirable in the 1980s, but the pendulum is swinging the other way now.
29. Timing the motion of the lamp by his own pulse, Galileo saw that the length of a pendulum determines its rate.
30. According to Dawes, an untrained Parametric Avalanche can balance an inverted pendulum on the first try.
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