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Pedigree in a sentence

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Synonym: ancestrybloodblood linebloodlinedescentlineline of descentlineageoriginparentagepedigreepedigreedpurebloodpurebloodedstemmastockthoroughbredSimilar words: pedigreeddigressdigressiondigressivefiligreegreedilyemigretigressMeaning: ['pedɪgrɪː] n. 1. the descendants of one individual 2. line of descent of a purebred animal 3. ancestry of a purebred animal. adj. having a list of ancestors as proof of being a purebred animal. 
1, Hereford cattle have a long pedigree.
2, The champions really showed their pedigree today.
3, The breeder showed us the dog's pedigree.
4, She was proud of her long pedigree.
5, Isolationism has a long and respectable pedigree in American history.
6, The product has a pedigree going back to the last century.
7, Hammer's business pedigree almost gua-ranteed him the acquaintance of U.S. presidents.
8, She showed her pedigree on her face and in her carriage.
9, Spiritual healing has an ancient pedigree, with much evidence of success.
10, Founded in 1781, the school has an excellent pedigree.
11, A pedigree pup should have been inoculated against serious diseases before it's sold.
12, His voice and manner suggested an aristocratic pedigree.
13, This is a pedigree poodle - her bloodline is pure.
14, Those lovely pups looked more appealing than any pedigree breed I've seen.
15, This is a perspective with a long historical pedigree.
16, The Glens have the cup pedigree and their cup run has kept a disappointing season alive.
17, Because of his fine pedigree he was a little bit more highly strung than the others and would set off rather sharply.
18, Given her pedigree in the classical theater,[] it's not surprising that she wasn't happy working in Hollywood.
19, This is airport reading with an impeccable historical pedigree, for those who wouldn't be seen dead browsing in John Menzies.
20, His is the sort of pedigree which has produced figures who have risen to the top of public life for generations.
21, Many of the country stations did not enjoy the pedigree of great architects to sire them.
22, Our source claims the dealers thought the bike was too much of a move away from Ducati's racing pedigree.
23, Triana has been derided by Republican critics, and its political pedigree is unusual for a scientific instrument.
24, After all, joint committees themselves enjoy a good railway pedigree.
25, As a scientist, I am robed with degrees and academic pedigree.
26, Assuming genetic influences, the mode of inheritance can be investigated by segregation analysis of pedigree data.
27, To do so you would have to keep careful pedigree records of caddises bred in captivity, and breeding them is difficult.
28, The reason can perhaps be found in the fact that company law as an academic discipline boasts no long and distinguished pedigree.
29, But these ratios vary enormously with the different breeds of pedigree cats.
30, Founded in 1781, Exeter was well-endowed and well-connected, with a glorious pedigree.
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