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Pawn in a sentence

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Synonym: depositpledgeSimilar words: keep awaylawnat dawnMeaning: [pɔːn] n. 1. an article deposited as security 2. a person used by another to gain an end 3. (chess) the least powerful piece; moves only forward and captures only to the side; it can be promoted to a more powerful piece if it reaches the 8th rank 4. borrowing and leaving an article as security for repayment of the loan. v. leave as a guarantee in return for money. 
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(1) A good pawn never shamed his master.
(2) All her jewellery was in pawn.
(3) The tabloids often pawn off gossip and trivia as real news.
(4) I will pawn my life for her.
(5) She has redeemed her jewellery from pawn.
(6) He had to sacrifice another pawn.
(7) Don't let him pawn off an old bike on you - get a new one.
(8) A pawn automatically promotes when it reaches the eighth rank.
(9) Possibly a time trouble error which sheds a pawn(Sentencedict), 37 ... f6 being more circumspect.
(10) Take your jewellery and pawn it, get yourself a place to live, and then get yourself a job.
(11) The white pawn on d7 could not be a worse advertisement for the Grunfeld Defence.
(12) To be a pawn is very frustrating.
(13) A pseudo pawn sacrifice seeking to deflect White's attention from the black king, but Kasparov is not to be deterred.
(14) Richard Chang slides an electronic pawn across the chess board on his computer screen.
(15) With more skilful manoeuvring, Short surrounded Karpov's king's pawn and invaded with his rook.
(16) The promiscuous princess quickly becomes a pawn.
(17) He prods another pawn vaguely into play against the gathering might of my bishop and knights.
(18) White is invited to create a mammoth pawn centre which Black hopes to undermine by sniping from the flanks.
(19) She sets out to pawn for passage money a necklace which belonged to her father, who died before she knew him.
(20) Says I should pawn my jewellery.
(21) It looks as though he is being used as a political pawn by the President.
(22) She managed to save enough money to redeem her jewellery from the pawn shop.
(23) Placed in jeopardy by a man whose status made him a mere Pawn.
(24) After the text recapture Black has no real prospects of attack along the f-file while his central pawn structure becomes curiously inflexible.
(25) After 30 moves the position appeared level but Kasparov blew the situation open with a pawn sacrifice.
(26) White will then always be able to win with the resultant king and pawn against king endgame.
(27) Analysis had shown that, in spite of an extra pawn, he held no serious prospect of a win.
(28) They certainly help to enhance a perspective that sees Faustus as a pawn between two more powerful forces.
(29) The game was adjourned after 63 moves, with Speelman trying to win with rook and bishop against rook and pawn.
(30) When I entered our room I found Mum had down two more vases and was sorting out a pile of pawn tickets.
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