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Paw in a sentence

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Sentence count:124+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-06Updated:2017-04-06
Synonym: feelhandletouchSimilar words: pawpawpawnspawnchip awaykeep awayMeaning: [pɔː] n. 1. a clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped 2. the (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb. v. 1. scrape with the paws 2. touch clumsily. random good picture
1. I found paw prints in the kitchen.
2. The dogs continued to paw and claw frantically at the chain mesh.
3. The dog was howling its paw was hurt.
4. He keeps a rabbit's paw as a lucky/good luck charm.
5. Don't paw my English dictionary about.
6. He shook Keaton's hand with his big paw.
7. The dog had hurt its paw.
8. A paw print in the dust was a sign that a tiger was close.
9. The dog hurt its paw.
10. The knife in Dennis's paw was sharp and serrated, with a sturdy wooden handle.
11. His front left paw was broken and crawling with maggots.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. There were paw marks on the windows.
13. Oh, the poor little thing, he's hurt his paw.
14. He held one paw forward in an awkward, unnatural way and kept licking it miserably.
15. Some cat left its paw prints on my car.
16. I just wrote a postcard to my Paw in Montana.
17. They catch them with one front paw and throw them over their shoulders on to the bank.
18. Paw prints everywhere, upturned vases and dead birds the leftovers from the buffet.
19. Every time it moved it froze, one paw outstretched, not quite touching the ground.
20. She gave a little whimper as the vet inspected her paw.
21. It's evident that he wants to make a cat's paw of you.
22. The dog gave a yelp when I trod on its paw.
23. We could smell the scent of a fox as we trailed paw marks through the wood.
24. However, she still had not been fed and so she started to paw at the fence again.
25. Every night before her dinner she would run to paw my knee.
26. This may explain why Gautier's cat touched the mouths of the singers with her paw when they hit the particular note.
27. The Plot Once upon a time a mouse ran across the paw of a sleeping lion.
28. This Teddy, so the tale went, had had one paw removed and a small flail with leather tails sewn on.
29. The cat rolled on to her side, stretched, put a paw across her eyes.
30. Never, not even when some aroused, overweight, ugly Casanova had tried to paw her.
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