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Pathogenicity in a sentence

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1. The worm generally has a low pathogenicity, and the majority of infections are discovered only incidentally at postmortem examination.
2. This paper dealed with the development and pathogenicity of Histomonas meleagridis in the liver and kidney of naturally infected peacocks.
3. Observation and determination on the growth rate, pathogenicity, and sporulation of both the parents and the heterokaryon were made.
4. Diversity in antigenicity, pathogenicity, pathological and genetic properties had showed identical by lots of studies.
5. To study the pathogenicity characters of Vibrio cholera in Shenzhen city.
6. The resources and pathogenicity of entomogenous fungi in Lishan National Nature Reserve in the southern east of Shanxi Province were studied.
7. The companion bacteria can enhance the pathogenicity of B. xylophilus, promote the propagation of the nematode, benefit the pinene degradation, and thereby,( promote the adaptability of the nematode.
8. These results further extend our knowledge of the pathogenicity of T . canis embryonated eggs.
9. The biological characteristics, aetiology, pathogenicity, Symptom types, transmission, immunity, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of anthrax and anthrax bacillus were reviewed in this article.
10. Pathogenicity is the important factor that mycoplasma infection need treatment.
11. Its pathogenicity was markedly coincident with inoculated dosage.
12. FvL mutation may be a underlying pathogenicity of familial BCS.
13. The pathogenicity of sweet potato stem nematode (Ditylenchus destructor) to peanut ( Arachis hypogaea) was confirmed by inoculation test in pot with peanut plants.
14. Oocyst discharge, clinical signs, histopathology, and pathomorphology were compared in different dosage group for evaluate its pathogenicity.
15. A cross was made between two isolates of Magnaporthe grisea, CH63 and TH16. A total of 78 ascospore isolates were tested for pathogenicity on 36 rice varieties.
16. The results showed that 9 selected monogenic lines had good abilities for differentiating the pathogenicity of indica rice blast in South China.
17. Objective In order to isolate and purify an exotoxin of Streptococcus mitis which can cause toxic shock syndrome and investigate its pathogenicity.
18. Comparisons of the characteristics of different anastomosis groups from shape, pathogenicity, physiology, to bio-chemistry[], suggests the existence of intraspecies differentiation.
19. The ability of dimorphic transition is one of the most determinants of Candida albicans for its pathogenicity, which is regulated by several signal transduction pathways.
20. Overexpression of MAGL in nonaggressive cancer cells recapitulates this fatty acid network and increases their pathogenicity phenotypes that are reversed by an MAGL inhibitor.
21. Conclusion V. Parahaemolyticus with positive and negative urease have stronger pathogenicity.
22. Recently, the extracellular proteases produced by Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris have been demonstrated at molecular level to be important in pathogenicity.
23. To know more about it, we review the taxonomy and onomatology, epidemiology, identifying features and morph, biochemics, pathogenicity and therapy of S. dimidiatum.
24. Adenovirus as gene transfer vector is characterized by high transfection efficiency, high titer, good stability in target cells and low pathogenicity, and has been widely used in gene therapy.
25. In this study, a novel gene FgTEP1 required for conidiation was identified and linked to the phosphatidylinositol pathway and the pathogenicity of F.
26. In order to provide reference for pear storage, pathogen of pear ring rot was separated and purified cultured, and pathogenicity of pathogen was test, taking Pyruspytifolia Nakai cv.
27. The biological characteristics of an avian paramyxovirus isolate, strain GPMV/QY97 1 showing pathogenicity to geese, were characterized.
28. Oxalic acid (OA), a non-host-specific toxin secreted by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum during pathogenesis, has been demonstrated to be a major phytotoxic and pathogenicity factor.
29. Objective : To investigate the differences in the ultrastructure and pathogenicity between Cladosporium cladosporioides and Cladosporium carrionii.
30. A white colony mutant, 1-40-271, was normal in sporulation and spore germination, but defective in appressorium development and totally lost in pathogenicity.
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