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Pathfinding in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2019-04-12Updated:2019-04-12
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1) How has more efficient AI and pathfinding affected the game? Does it make the game easier?
2) You could devise a pathfinding scenario for a game like that.
3) Ignoring other units in the pathfinding code, however, means that you will need to write separate code to handle collisions.
4) My pathfinding critters actually pass right through each other.
5) Other tasks, such as pathfinding, are compute-bound and can best be supported using parallel algorithms.
6) Archery and Pathfinding were far from early favorites but they eventually managed to reach their current positions through constant progress.
7) Once the map is explored, however, pathfinding would work normally.
8) As you will soon find out, pathfinding can be very slow if you don't use short cuts like these.
9) Note that in the world of pathfinding , the term "unit" is used to represent any on-screen mobile element, whether it's a player character, animal, monster, ship, vehicle, infantry unit, and so on.
10) Depending upon the game, pathfinding that is too good can be unrealistic.
11) The pathfinding team continues to refine the pathfinder on a week-by-week basis.
12) Natural Resistance replaces old pathfinding (the imp. cheetah thing) 2 points requires 10 points in Beast Master "Your pets Frost,[] Nature and Fire resistances are increased by 10" (up to 20?
13) Pathfinding when using Charge and Intercept has been fixed. When targeting an enemy through a wall, warriors will now correctly crash into the wall.
14) There are many pathfinding algorithms, which have different search strategies, time efficiency and space efficiency. So they have different application situations.
15) Part of this is down to the pathfinding, with the new algorithms making sure that you won't encounter late-game slowdown when trying to move hundreds of units.
16) Foucaut was deeply influenced by the tradition of the scientific thoughts study in France, he touched critic methods and directions and hunt the field and motif of pathfinding in this tradition.
17) Barathrum can run through units and trees, although he will still obey standard pathfinding through the terrain.
18) The development of non-public ownership economy is an outstanding achievement of advancing with the times and pathfinding innovation of our Party.
19) The shortest path algorithm is one of the important question in pathfinding,( and it is the base of the best path finding algorithm.
20) Simplifying the search area, as we have done here, is the first step in pathfinding .
21) However, it has two big weaknesses : crap armor, and the worst pathfinding ever.
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