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Path in a sentence

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Synonym: lineroadroutetracktrailwaySimilar words: apathyempathypatheticsympathyempathizeantipathypatpatchMeaning: [pæθ /pɑːθ] n. 1. a course of conduct 2. a way especially designed for a particular use 3. an established line of travel or access 4. a line or route along which something travels or moves. random good picture
1. The path down to evil is easy. 
2. The path of duty is the path of safety. 
3. The path to glory is always rugged. 
4. Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored. 
5. The path began to climb quite steeply.
6. The path petered out deep in the forest.
7. The path leads us down to the river.
8. Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.
9. We followed the path along the clifftops.
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10. The path going up to the back door is very muddy.
11. Follow the path through the woods.
12. The path ran gently down to the sea.
13. She watched her little granddaughter skip down the path.
14. Bert swept the path in front of the house.
15. The road finished in a narrow path.
16. The path is paved with concrete slabs.
17. The path is too narrow for two people to walk together.
18. I walked down the eerie dark path.
19. The path evens out further on.
20. There is a path along the left side of the field.
21. Anna hit on a path to the pound.
22. The road of life is a spiral path, only swagger, flexible turning, can rise to the ideal.
23. If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.
24. The path was so narrow that it hardly admitted of two persons walking abreast.
25. The path led through the trees to the river.
26. This is the path to the cliffs.
27. Follow the very well-trodden path to the summit.
28. Heading away from the mountains, I soon found an easier path leading downhill to the village.
29. We retraced our route in an attempt to get back on the right path.
30. The wheel is designed with obstacles in the ball's path to randomise its movement.
More similar words: apathyempathypatheticsympathyempathizeantipathypatpatchspatefathermathgatherratherpatoispatentpatrolpatronfeatherweatherleatherbathsdeathat handspatulapatriotpatternpatientat heartbathosor rather
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