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Paternalism in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-04-27Updated:2017-04-27
Similar words: paternaljournalismmaternalexternalityfraternalinternalizationexternalizationinternationalizeMeaning: [pə'tɜrnəlɪzm /-'tɜːn-] n. the attitude (of a person or a government) that subordinates should be controlled in a fatherly way for their own good. 
1. Consequently the forms of paternalism signified by feudal relations are more likely to be a recent tradition rather than a distant memory.
2. They smacked of mutton-chop whiskers and paternalism.
3. The persuasive power of paternalism supplies the motive for this step to be taken.
4. Fair, in fact, than the Football Association of paternalism Feudal power and gross more important.
5. In the Confucian tradition, paternalism has been a pillar for the management of Japanese enterprises.
6. Such programs are often mistaken for corporate paternalism.
7. Medical paternalism comes from the Hippocratic tradition of ancient Greece.
8. This total monopoly of power masquerading as paternalism has been smashed.
9. Mr Sarkozy says he wants to end French paternalism in Africa.
10. She mobilised all those who felt either humiliated by its paternalism or angry at its hypocrisy.
11. If the philosophical basis for these inroads into the general principle is paternalism, what legal bases or justifications are there?
12. But we should be further on in the long march from paternalism.
13. One was the detestation by the liberally oriented of religious paternalism, a mild form of anti-clericalism.
14. The world was less kind to Storni, for whom paternalism provided no protection.
15. Economists rarely subscribe to the value judgement of whole-scale paternalism.
16. His lack of charisma and often unhappy persona will contrast sharply with Mandela's awesome humility, humour and stern paternalism.
17. Indeed, there exists an equally strong, and in this context often contradictory, philosophical premiss, that of paternalism.
18. Much of the problem of the underclass, we continue to believe, arises from perverse incentives rooted in misguided paternalism.
19. Yet, when we dig a little deeper, we find simply another style of moral paternalism lies buried beneath the surface.
20. The birth of commercial television in the early fifties was a victory for money over breeding, of corporate power over paternalism.
21. If farmers are frank with themselves they will also recognize that paternalism is cheap.
22. Not only did these men share the hardships of combat, their very survival imbued many with a pre-disposition to paternalism.
23. The government should be guided by the criteria of efficiency and not State paternalism.
23. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
24. The protective factory legislation were the outcome of the combination of industrial capitalism and family paternalism, which encumbered the improvement of women's statues.
25. That's all to do with the question of collective goods and the libertarians injunction against paternalism.
26. The time has come to turn away from the condescending policies of paternalism.
27. And consequently about the doctor - patient relationship, resource allocation, communication, autonomy, inform consent and paternalism.
28. Social insurance may be justified on grounds of adverse selection, decision - making costs, income distribution, or paternalism.
29. With the abandonment of mercantilism and the grant of oversea state trading monopolies, paternalism gave way to private enterprise.
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