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Pass in a sentence

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Synonym: deliverdo wellemploygohand overmoveprogressspendsucceedtransfertraveluseAntonym: failSimilar words: pass onpass outpass bypass awaypassagepassengerpass throughpastaMeaning: [pæs /pɑːs] n. 1. (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls 2. (military) a written leave of absence 3. (American football) a play that involves one player throwing the ball to a teammate 4. the location in a range of mountains of a geological formation that is lower than the surrounding peaks 5. any authorization to pass or go somewhere 6. a document indicating permission to do something without restrictions 7. a flight or run by an aircraft over a target 8. a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs 9. a difficult juncture 10. one complete cycle of operations (as by a computer) 11. you advance to the next round in a tournament without playing an opponent 12. a permit to enter or leave a military installation 13. a complementary (free) ticket 14. a usually brief attempt 15. (sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team 16. success in satisfying a test or requirement. v. 1. go across or through 2. pass by 3. make laws, bills, etc. or bring into effect by legislation 4. pass by 5. place into the hands or custody of 6. stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point 7. travel past 8. come to pass 9. go unchallenged; be approved 10. pass (time) in a specific way 11. guide or pass over something 12. transmit information 13. disappear gradually 14. go successfully through a test or a selection process 15. go beyond 16. accept or judge as acceptable 17. allow to go without comment or censure 18. transfer to another; of rights or property 19. pass into a specified state or condition 20. be identified, regarded, accepted, or mistaken for someone or something else; as by denying one's own ancestry or background 21. throw (a ball) to another player 22. be inherited by 23. cause to pass 24. grant authorization or clearance for 25. pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life 26. eliminate from the body. adj. of advancing the ball by throwing it. 
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1 Three things soon pass away; the echo of the woods, the rainbow, and woman's beauty. 
2 That which one least anticipates soonest comes to pass
3 The referee disallowed the try for a forward pass.
4 The copy he made of the painting can pass for an authentic one.
5 He stepped aside to let her pass.
6 Stand aside, please,( and let these people pass.
7 An infected person can pass the virus to others.
8 We showed our tickets and were allowed to pass in.
9 The storm should pass off before dark.
10 I often get headaches, but they seem to pass off in a little while.
11 You've done so much work-you're bound to pass the exam.
12 I expect he'll pass the examination.
13 I did not catch you when you pass you do not stop.
14 You can't pass exams without working, so don't deceive yourself .
15 I can't pass the matter by without a protest.
16 I told him to stick in and pass the exam.
17 The government was defeated in its attempt to pass the law by an opposition ambush.
18 No inferior products should be allowed to pass.
19 She adopted an elaborate disguise to help her pass through the town unrecognized.
20 Pass the rest of the notices round the table so that everyone can have a copy.
21 My love can only pass by quietly,love,became lost,you,become the past.
22 Pass the sauce through a sieve to remove any lumps.
23 I love you pass though life enter life.
24 Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. George Eliot 
25 Animals are such agreeable friends --they ask no questions, they pass no criticism. 
26 He said his goodbyes knowing that a long time would pass before he would see his child again.
27 All he had to do was decode it and pass it over.
28 You must get a minimum of 40 questions right to pass the examination.
29 Annie's the film critic for the local radio station, so she's got a free pass for all the cinemas in the area.
30 When I got to the top of the ladder, please pass up the tools.
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