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Paper chromatography in a sentence

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Similar words: chromatographycolumn chromatographychromatographchromatographerchromatographicchromatogramcinematographyhyperchromaticMeaning: n. chromatography that uses selective adsorption on a strip of paper. 
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1 In paper chromatography, the solid phase is paper on which the sample is placed directly.
2 Paper chromatography is a simple experiment and easy to do in class.
3 The result of paper chromatography is presented which suggests that the fractions are N-acetylglucosamine monomer, dimer and trimer respectively.
4 Separation Experiments of vitamin B group by micellar paper chromatography ( MPC ) were carried out.
5 And unlike paper chromatography, there is no capillary action that pulls the solvent through the stationary phase.
6 Amino acids are separated by paper chromatography with rnobile phase of micellaraqueous solution.
7 Paper chromatography shows that there are fucose, aminogalactose and glucuronic acid in sea cucumber polysaccharide.
8 Carbazole reaction and paper chromatography revealed that DP was a kind of acidic polysaccharide.
9 The experiment main separates rose pigment Paper chromatography and studies the contents in rose.
10 When the stationary phase is a liquid or a solution partition mechanism governs the retention of reversed-phase paper chromatography just as in liquid-liquid extraction.
11 A method of distinguishing lubricating oils based on their components by paper chromatography was advanced.
12 The concentrations of L-serine in zymotic broth have been determined with paper chromatography and spectrophotometer . The determination conditions of L-serine have been established.
13 The extracts were separated by silica gel column chromatography, thin-layer chromatography and paper chromatography.
14 There's fucose, aminogalactose, and glucuronic acid in SJP, according to the result of paper chromatography.
15 A method for separation of amino acids by circular paper chromatography was reported.
16 The content of peptide in zymotic liquor was determined with paper chromatography and spectrophotometer. The determination conditions of peptide were also established.
17 RESULTS There were significant differences on their shapes and characteristics of crude drug,( on thin layer chromatography and paper chromatography between Zaocys dhumnades. and Elaphe dione.
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