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Pacemaker in a sentence

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Sentence count:79Posted:2017-03-18Updated:2017-03-18
Similar words: makerremakelawmakermake mincemeat ofmake a facemake peace withmake a mistakepolicemanMeaning: n. 1. a leading instance in its field 2. a specialized bit of heart tissue that controls the heartbeat 3. an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the natural cardiac pacemaker 4. a horse used to set the pace in racing. 
1) She was fitted with a pacemaker after suffering serious heart trouble.
2) A cardiologist was offered kickbacks by a pacemaker manufacturer.
3) METHODS:6 patients with OHCM who had underwent VDD pacemaker implantation were oberserved with the chang of left ventricular outflow track gradient and blood speed during follow up.
4) Objective To evaluate the application of musculus diaphragma pacemaker electric stimulus for accessory respiration.
5) The pacing impedance reflects the connection situation pacemaker,( electrodes and cardiac tissue.
6) What is embedded type is divided automatically quiver pacemaker?
7) An "atrially triggered" pacemaker can pick up the signals directly from the SA node and strengthen them before passing them to the ventricles.
8) Acute cardiac tamponade with shock developed after pacemaker implantation in our intensive care unit, which was successfully managed by emergency pericardiocentesis as well as medical therapy.
9) Won't i need a pacemaker or a permanent internal defibrillator?
10) Physiological pacemaker was implanted in 36 patients ( 12 cases used DDD pacing ).
11) Seen here is the explanted heart. Pacemaker wires enter the right ventricle.
12) Results Automatic mode switch function of a pacemaker was operated after detecting myopotentials in 2 cases.
13) The kernel technique of cardiac pacemaker is the design of hybrid circuit and the combination programmer.
14) After his last heart attack, he was fitted with a pacemaker.
15) Middlesbrough and Newcastle are among the 11 local authorities chosen to be the pacemaker front-runners in the new city challenge initiative.
16) It is also thought that a proper coupling of electrical and metabolic activity is a prerequisite for the generation of pacemaker activity.
17) Some have speculated that the headaches may be related to a periodically discharging biologic pacemaker, perhaps located in the hypothalamus.
18) Examples are hip joint replacement, cataract extraction, prostate resection, and cardiac pacemaker insertion.
19) According to the form and structure's view and electrophysiology detection of the cultured cell, macrospindle cell consistents with the feature of sinoatrial node pacemaker cell.
20) Objective To sum up and analyze the implantation of permanent cardiac pacemaker so as to reduce the relative incidence of complications and raise the pacemaker's efficiency.
21) Objective To survey the nursing status quo of the common complications of the permanent cardiac pacemaker.
22) In some cases implants contain electronics e. g. artificial pacemaker and cochlear implants.
23) CONCLUSION: GST exerted a negative chronotropic action and induced a delayed repolarization of pacemaker cells in SA nodes of rabbits.
24) ObjectiveTo study the effect of Vitamin K1 on the occurrence of Pocket hematoma after the implantation of pacemaker in the patients who take Warfarin.
25) Objective To enhance therapeutic efficiency of the implanted permanency cardiac pacemaker.
26) ESE had a sensitivity of 75 % and specificity of 83 % in pacemaker dependent patients.
27) This is why the SA node is sometimes called heart's natural pacemaker.
28) Objective To investigate the feasibility and merits of emergency bedside temporary cardiac pacing through left subclavicular vein guided by pacemaker impulse.
29) This paper reports the development of a hybrid circuit for implantable pacemaker.
30) Direct Inhibition of Cardiac Hyperpolarization - Actiated Cyclic Nucleotide – Gated Pacemaker Channels by Clonidine.
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