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Oxidation state in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-12-07Updated:2017-12-07
Similar words: oxidationoxidation numbernation-stateoxidative phosphorylationconsolidationunited states constitutionfoundation stonestationsMeaning: n. the degree of oxidation of an atom or ion or molecule; for simple atoms or ions the oxidation number is equal to the ionic charge. 
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1. Thus a high oxidation state is associated with a high binding energy, as expected.
2. At the oxidation state, the growth state and the reduction state, the circumstance of the atom is different, so the absorption edge also varied.
3. The invention not only can effectively purify the oxidation state mercury in the smoke, but also can effectively purify the element state mercury.
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4. The researchers found that a change in the oxidation state of the element chromium (from chromium 6 to chromium 3) was linked to the darkening of chrome yellow paint.
5. The oxidation state reforming catalyst should be dried and reduced before application.
6. Variability in the oxidation state of transition element.
7. The main existence of transition metals in highest oxidation state complex in crystalloid and alkaline medium and reaction activation center has been reviewed with 63 references.
8. Oxidative charge-transfer processes are observed in the spectra of complexes of low oxidation state metals with organic amines, such as.
9. Yet quantum mechanical calculations suggest that, regardless of formal oxidation state, the local charge on the transition metal atoms is largely unchanged.
10. The crystal with the same Mn doping amount, compared with the growth state, the defect increased at the oxidation state and decreased at the reduction state.
11. The cations with high positive charge and small ionic radii are suitable to forming hard glasses, and those with low oxidation state and large radii are suitable to forming soft glasses.
12. The commercial application was successful and the test run showed that the said catalyst activity reached the activity of the oxidation state catalyst RS-1.
13. In inorganic chemistry, there exists a common question: When the oxidation state of the same atom is increasing, its oxidizing is decreasing.
14. Results show that the main factor influencing the yield of maleic anhydride is the phase composition or oxidation state of vanadium in the catalyst.
15. Alkaloids are alkaline compounds with a number of bioactivities contained in organism and they contain negative oxidation state nitrogen atoms.
16. The chemical property of the manganese(Mn) element varies evidently in different medium and oxidation state, so it is difficulty to control its rules of transformation.
17. The total amount of ion exchange state, carbonate state and ferric-manganese oxidation state has very little effects on full selenium.
18. The effect of the experimental parameters on the interfacial bonding strength was investigated, as well as the influences of the anodic oxidation state on the titanium substrate surface appearance.
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