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Ostensive in a sentence

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Sentence count:18Posted:2017-11-10Updated:2017-11-10
Similar words: intensiveextensiveostensibleostensiblyhypotensiveintensivelyextensivelyintensive careMeaning: [ɑ'stensɪv /ɒ-] adj. 1. manifestly demonstrative 2. represented or appearing as such; pretended. 
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(1) This paper focuses on the effects of tacit knowledge in the "Ostensive inferential Communication Model".
(2) From the cognitive perspective, Relevance Theory puts forward "Ostensive Inferential Communication Model", explaining the nature, mental process and contextual effects of language communication.
(3) However, ideal contextual effects in oral communication are conditioned by the "ostensive" devices employed by the speaker .
(4) Secondly, he has criticized the ostensive definition.
(5) By analyzing inverted color perceptions and ostensive definition(, this paper proves that our sensations are also symbols and a symbol is totally different from the material property reflected.
(6) According to Relevance Theory, reading comprehension is an ostensive - inferential and dynamic process.
(7) Because, first , ostensive definition which is working must be under the ground of language ; second , private linguists could not follow rules privately .
(8) An ostensive performance study shows that our system performs well.
(9) It contains language-game, ostensive definition, family-resemblance and philosophy.
(10) The use of ostensive definition presupposes the presence of its user, which means that the interpretation of linguistic meaning is a fusion of pragmatics and semantics.
(11) In DICP, a cross-cultural mental dialogue between the translator and the original author or utterances is a relevance-seeking, ostensive -inferential process.
(12) "Human infants are highly social creatures who cannot help but interpret the ostensive communicative signals directed to them, " the researchers wrote.
(13) On the one hand, the speaker sets in his utterance ostensive stimuli to achieve his information intention and communication intention.
(14) This thesis adopts Shu Dingfang's classification (2000) and attempts to put the ostensive -inferential mode to the practical application by interpreting different types of metaphors.
(15) In this paradigm, translating is both a relevance - seeking, ostensive - inferential process and a dynamically - adjusting process.
(16) On the other hand, in different cognitive contexts, each of them poses different semantic constraints on ostensive inferential communication.
(17) The essence of advertisement translation is seeking the optimal relevance in the cognitive process of ostensive inference.
(18) If we are to have a meaningful expression, such a regress must terminate in a connection to the world—an ostensive definition, a demonstration, a word-to-world connection.
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