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Oscillate in a sentence

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Sentence count:52Posted:2016-11-25Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: hovervacillatevibrateSimilar words: vacillatevillagepillagecapillaryall at oncesurveillanceinstallationfacilitateMeaning: ['ɑsɪleɪt /'ɒs-] v. 1. be undecided about something; waver between conflicting positions or courses of action 2. move or swing from side to side regularly. 
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1. My emotions oscillate between desperation and hope.
2. Manic depressives oscillate between depression and elation.
3. The needle on the dial began to oscillate.
4. They oscillate between passivity and elemental violence.
5. If they do indeed oscillate between generations, though, they must have mass.
6. It could oscillate between values, vary wildly, or lock up.
7. In such an environment the electrons would oscillate in ways which would depend upon the details of the positive charge distribution.
8. Children oscillate between regression and progression.
9. Hence, as we follow the orbit around, we oscillate between one point and the other.
10. We know that it can only oscillate at frequencies which correspond to the fundamental note and its overtones.
11. A stock index does not oscillate with such frightening amplitude as we have witnessed recently unless to announce some tectonic change ahead.
12. In particular, it is common for people to oscillate between withdrawal and arrogance.
13. The very tip of the finger began to oscillate.
14. Markets oscillate between quiet and active, and the Thermometer helps you identify them.
15. Optical atomic clocks oscillate much faster, at about 500, 000 billion cycles per second, and thus divide time into smaller units.
16. Be sure your Gunn diode does not oscillate at audio or HF as well.
17. Opamps will often oscillate when driving capacitive loads.
18. On an oscilloscope, you can see an electrical current oscillate up and down.
19. Thus oscillating neutrinos must have mass; but massive neutrinos need not oscillate.
20. There is a vertical line in spirituality that goes from the beast to the angel, and on which we oscillate.
21. To attempt to perform the double act is instead to oscillate between the two.
22. Only if neutrinos do have some mass, however small, can they oscillate from one type to another.
23. The position and potential of the virtual cathode caused by space charge effects oscillate periodically.
24. Computer network were built among dispatching center, immediate power station and substation. Oscillate data is translated to dispatching center through public telephone network or other channels.
25. Definition form Wikipedia: A degauss causes a magnetic field to oscillate rapidly, with decreasing amplitude.
26. The standard EBU model can not drive combustion to oscillate.
27. I have here a spray paint can which is suspended between two springs, and I can oscillate it vertically, which is your x direction, like that.
28. Certain hydronamical systems exhibIt'steady - state flow patterns , while others oscillate in a regular periodic fashion.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. The monitoring points in different position of the turbine stage have been calculated and analyzed, the Mach number, subcooling rate and the wetness fraction oscillate periodically.
30. But due to the rate of disentanglement and entanglement between atom and field becomes more rapid, the distances oscillate more rapidly within each period.
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