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Ordovician in a sentence

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Similar words: ordovician periodnoviciatecordovaopticiangalicianlogicianmusicianmagicianMeaning: n. from 500 million to 425 million years ago; conodonts and ostracods and algae and seaweeds. 
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1. Reinterpreted as an Ordovician volcanogenic massive and disseminated sulphide deposit.
2. Dichograptus species are very widespread in the early Ordovician rocks.
3. RioFinex examined the Ordovician volcanic rocks of County Tyrone for base metals but found only minor intersections of low-grade copper mineralisation.
4. By the end of the Ordovician they had already radiated into many of the niches they occupy today.
5. The Ordovician lithofacies and biofacies change greatly at different localities of the Yangtze Region, South China.
6. The weathering crust of Majiagou Formation in Ordovician of Changqing Gasfield in Ordos Basin is the major pay zone with the evaporated marginal sea facies.
7. Cambrian - Ordovician petroleum system is the most important system type in the northern region of Tarim basin.
8. Straddling the late Ordovician period and the early Silurian period, the Andean-Saharan ice age was marked by a mass extinction, the second most severe in Earth's history.
9. Mid-Lower Ordovician reservoir was characterized by early accumulation, early filling and high level of oil and gas evolvement. Late Ordovician-Silurian was main period for hydrocarbon accumulation.
10. Marine volcanics of Early Ordovician was found in Zhifang region.
11. In the Ordovician, Silurian Period, the Devonian, Carboniferous, the advent of low amphibians and ancient ancient reptiles.
12. Hydrocarbon in the Ordovician petroleum accumulation system originated from the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician source rocks.
13. Bryozoa was quite diversified in the Ordovician, but lacked fossil records in the Cambrian.
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14. At the end of the Ordovician period, 440m years ago, a mass extinction event wiped out almost all corals and fish, and 25% of all families of creatures.
15. The main reservoir types in Ordovician carbonate formation in Tahe Oilfield are dissolution fractures and caves.
16. Apart from conodonts, unequivocal evidence for fish does not occur until the Ordovician.
17. Like most other molluscan groups they rapidly diversified in the Ordovician.
18. Trinucleid trilobites, with various types of fringe, are characteristic of Ordovician rocks.
19. Five past extinctions: Some event near end of the Ordovician period, 440m years ago, wiped out almost all corals and fish, and 25 % of all families of creatures.
20. Among the multi - oil - generating beds, the Cambrian and Ordovician is the best one.
21. A systemic and integrated criteria is thus obtained for the Ordovician carbonates in the Tahe oilfield.
22. The third period of the Paleozoic era, the Silurian follows the Ordovician period and precedes the Devonian.
23. According to the data on the bitumen reflectance and inclusion homogenization temperature, it is shown that the organic matters in Lower Ordovician source rocks are in the high maturity stage.
24. The main water source is fracture - karst water in Middle Ordovician carbonate rocks.
25. Finally some views are presented that how to conduct further study on Ordovician reservoir, how to improve producing reserves extent and how to make optimum technical strategy etc.
26. The correlation between oil and source proved that the preserved commercial oil reservoirs of marine origin in the Tarim basin are mainly generated from the marl of the Middle Upper Ordovician.
27. The Tazhong paleo-uplift is a multiple oil-gas accumulation play, and medium-large scale reservoirs have been found in the Carboniferous, Silurian, Ordovician and Cambrian Systems.
28. The soluble rocks in this area are the carbonate rock constructions of the Sinian, the Cambrian and the Ordovician period.
29. The Bed G bauxite of Shanxi massif, a paleoresiduum bauxite underlying Bangou Formation of Upper Carboniferous, occurs on the fossil erosion surface of Middle Ordovician of Upper Cambrian.
30. Due to spreading of Helan and Qinling rift valleys during the Ordovician period, a L-shaped swell belt formed in the western and south- ern parts of the basin.
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