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Optical microscope in a sentence

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1. To be seen clearly under an optical microscope, cell tissues often have to be stained to increase contrast.
2. The role of electronic and optical microscope lens in the optical lens effect is the same.
3. The optical microscope photographs show that the molecular sieve is well dispersed in the silica sol.
4. Results Under optical microscope, the bone lacunae were in circular permutation around the Haversian canal, and the canaliculi communicated the lacunae and Haversian canal or between the lacunae.
5. Optical microscope discovery: the degree of inflammation and hydroncus of massage treatment group is less than natural recovery group in the same period.
6. The histological structure was observated under the optical microscope. Results In experiment group, the cytoplasm of proximal convoluted tubule showed hydropic degeneration.
7. Cell morphology was observed under optical microscope with crystal violet staining.
8. There are sound physical and chemical inspection equipment, optical microscope, universal test machine, desktop sclerometer .
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9. Microstructures were analyzed with optical microscope, SEM, TEM and EDS.
10. The surface layers are characterized by means of optical microscope, TEM, SEM and micro - hardness testing machine.
11. In his own private laboratory, he worked with ultraviolet radiation at the ultimate resolution of the optical microscope.
12. However, the dimensions of the smallest circuit-parts will soon have shrunk beyond the limit that optical microscopes can resolve.
13. The worn surface morphologies of the composite, abrasive dust and transferred membrane were investigated by means of scanning electron microscope and optical microscope.
14. The effects of cooling velocity, the lead content and the gravity on the microstructures of Al Pb alloy were discussed based on the results of optical microscope, SEM and quantitative metallography.
15. Methods 7 cases of encephalon echinococcus alveolaris disease were observed through an optical microscope, and the medical records and histological appearances were analyzed as well.
16. Morphology and forming mechanism of annealing twin in carbon steels have been studied with optical microscope.
17. The microstructure of testes and penile were observed under optical microscope with BI2000 computer configuration image analysis system.
18. In this paper, the failure of hot-work valve die is analysed with SEM, optical microscope and hardometer. The crack mechanism is explained and some methods are presented to prolong the die-durability.
19. Comparative observation of vegetative organs of Alternanthera philoxeroidles was performed with the optical microscope and the scanning electron microscope.
20. Morphology and forming mechanism of annealing twin in medium carbon steels have been studied with optical microscope.
21. And the typical atherosclerosis mottling in aorta lumen in model group under macrography and optical microscope were visible.
22. Anatomical structure of vegetative organs of Yucca gloriosa was observed with the optical microscope by paraffin method.
23. The influence of rare earth elements on low temperature salt-bath chromizing for T10 steel was studied by optical microscope, SEM, XRD and microhardness tester.
24. Macro and micro structure of the fractured steering knuckle arm was examined by optical microscope and scanning electron microscope.
25. Method: Ultrastructure in ovary granulocyte of menopausal rat was observed with optical microscope and electric microscope.
26. After centrifugation , broth culture precipitates were smeared and stained with fuchsin to observe the morphology change in thallus under optical microscope.
27. In this paper, a novel imaging technique is proposed. This technique tracks 3D coordinates of micro-object for micromanipulation and microassembly using a single optical microscope.
28. Distribution characteristics of leaf pubescence on leaf blade and hull pubescence on hull were observed under an optical microscope.
29. The microstructure and mechanical properties of the composite were carried out by optical microscope, electric scanning microscope, XRD, microhardness and three-body abrasion wear tester.
30. The macrograph, micrograph and fracture surface of a failiure conduit of the primary reformer were analyzed with optical microscope and SEM.
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