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Optical fibre in a sentence

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Sentence count:44Posted:2018-06-11Updated:2018-06-11
Similar words: optical fibernatural fibreopticalopticallyoptical diskoptical driveatrial fibrillationoptimisticallyMeaning: n. a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light; used in bundles to transmit images. 
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1. A sensor channels the light signal along an optical fibre.
2. An optical fibre uses total internal reflection to carry a light beam over long distance and around corners.
3. It is interesting to examine the optical fibre before using it in the communications system.
4. The characteristics of optical fibre change with temperature, sufficiently to change the required magnetic field period.
5. Another snag with optical fibre is spurious reflection inside the fibre.
6. IskraTEL specialists are currently laying optical fibre cables to connect the city's exchanges.
7. You will also need a length of optical fibre.
8. The obstacle to optical fibre communication is lift loss due to impurities in the glass.
9. At the other end, an optical fibre transports a laser beam which illuminates the tissue.
10. Copper shaft cable will be optical fibre cables.
11. Optical fibre amplifiers. Basic specification. Part 2 - 3 : test methods for optical power parameters. Optical power meter.
12. A fixed disk has through-hole with optical fibre connected to light source.
13. Optical fibre amplifiers. Basic specification. Part 2 - 1 : test methods for optical power parameters. Optical spectrum analyzer.
14. Optical fibre amplifiers. Basic specification. Part 1 - 3 : test methods for gain parameters. Optical power meter.
15. As the development of optical fibre communication, it has solved the technical problems as differential protection in remote line, etc.
16. Optical switch is an important functional device in optical fibre communication networks, MEMS optical switch is one of the most promiseful optical switches.
17. Well - structured fire - resistant optical fibre cable is a good solution for data transmision in these extreme conditions.
18. It is not the purpose here to explain exactly how an optical fibre works in terms of total internal reflection.
19. It also explains why it is virtually certain that Britain's main trunk lines will rely on optical fibre.
20. This has generated some confusing comparisons between the capability of optical fibre and coaxial cables.
21. One of the projects close to commercial realisation uses optical fibre to sense a current flowing in a conductor.
22. Photon switching technology is a fundamental solution to the speed unmatch between optical fibre system with high transmission speed and electronic switching system with slow switching speed.
23. The quantitative mathematical relationship, fibre sensor structure and the system design of FM-1 microcomputer-ized optical fibre iodine detector are described.
24. In this paper,[sentence dictionary] a modulation method for carrier channel with large capacity in optical fibre transmission is discussed.
25. Under the PolyU system, hundreds of sensors are fitted along a single optical fibre as long as 100 kilometres to measure various parameters.
26. Rheologic property is an important technological property for room temperature filling compound for optical fibre cable.
27. This paper presents the composition and the principle of optical fibre liquidometer. It is composed of analog—to—digital converter, a pair of optical fibres and digital display circuit.
28. The research fruits have important application values and economic benefit in on-line measurement of cable core, optical fibre products and stamping steel ribbon.
29. This Recommendation covers the characteristics of a cut - off shifted single - mode optical fibre cable.
30. In the current experiment, the team sent their signals down 50km of optical fibre and then implemented what is known as an optical fast Fourier transform to unpick the data streams.
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