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Optical fiber in a sentence

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Similar words: fiberopticfiber-opticfiber opticsfiber optic cablenatural fiberopticalopticallyoptical diskMeaning: n. a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light; used in bundles to transmit images. 
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1) An optical fiber transports the light to the photomultiplier.
2) Optical Fiber Sensor Technology With anti-electromagnetic interference, corrosion resistance, flame proof and other outstanding advantages, began to be widely used.
3) Crossed, double T and curvilineal CE chips embedded optical fiber were fabricated on the glass substrates by using MEMS technology.
4) In this paper, a reflective intensity modulation optical fiber sensor with simple structure and easy design has been introduced.
5) This thesis based on high temperature measurement and optical fiber sensor technology, take a study of ordinary multimode fiber optical fiber and sapphire colorimetry pyrometry technique.
6) A novel portable system for optical fiber attenuation spectrum measurement with accousto-optical tunable filter(AOTF)technique is presented.
7) By use of optical fiber attenuator, Y mode optical fiber divider and normal light power meter, the accuracy rating of the loss testing instrument can be evaluated.
8) Optical fiber communication becomes the dominated method of communication in the backbone because of its tremendous bandwidth and extremely low transmission loss of fibers.
9) A simple and inexpensive optical fiber vibrometer with reflectivity and illuminating power compensation was presented.
10) The spectrum transmission function optical fiber ring is obtained from the theory of partially coherent light.
11) And optical fiber is made of insulating material, will not arise the problem of waveform distortion caused by the radiation of the charged cable sheath.
12) The tapered waveguide performs mode transformation between optical fiber mode and polymer waveguide mode by using a refractive index taper and a width taper with wedge profile.
13) The final chapter where the current commercial applications of optical fiber technology are reviewed is very informative.
14) This paper proposes, based on studies in optical interference for reading hole mechanism,[ fiber.html] a new fiberoptic reading hole solution-photoelectric detection method of optical fiber reflection type.
15) This paper describes a demonstration system of A modulation code optical fiber communication and the basic principles of A modulation. Some demonstration results are also given.
16) So under the mud it can mainly used to pave PE or PVC pipe, cable and optical fiber cable, etc.
17) This paper introduces the concept and characteristics of electric power optical fiber compound network through a demonstration project.
18) The optical coupler 316 couples a portion of the Raman optical pumping signal propagating in the optical fiber span 306 to an optical filter 318.
19) The application characteristics, researches and operational status of high speed optical fiber data bus in integrated avionic system is surveyed and analyzed.
20) The transmission equipment operates in the digital microwave transmission mode or optical fiber transmission mode according to the conditions of the installation site.
21) Distributed stress sensing based on measurement of the distributed polarization mode coupling is studied theoretically in high-birefringence polarization-maintaining optical fiber(PMF).
22) The influence and influence mechanism of heat aging on the attenuation of PMMA polymer optical fiber (POF) were studied.
23) The devices using PM fibers we are discussed are:polarization-maintaining fiber couplers, polarization beam splitters, optical fiber polizer, WDM device, depolarize , wavelet...
24) This paper introduces optical characteristics and spectral characteristic of optical fiber Bragg grating[], introduces the experiments of grating fabrication with phase masks.
25) The preform preferably has a D/d ratio of about 15 or more, and an optical fiber may be drawn directly from the preform.
26) High-speed driver is needed to operate the polarization scrambler for the spontaneous Brillouin scattering distributed optical fiber sensor system.
27) A batch of burgeoning branches of learning have occupied an important position in the country, such as Large-scale integrated circuit, computer science, optical fiber technology, systems engineering.
28) Newly ones based on the time domain reflectometer (TDR), optical fiber sensing will make the probe and research works be more accurate, efficient and economical.
29) This paper introduces the technologies of remote pumped erbium-doped optical fiber amplifier, remote pumped optical fiber pre -amplifier, Raman noise filtering and forward error correction used in G.
30) The article illustrate the background of the manage GIS system of optical fiber cable, system goal and structure and function, at last the author open out prospect of the system.
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