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On the fly in a sentence

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Similar words: in the fleshfly in the face ofon the firein the fronton the fritzon the fencein the front ofsit on the fenceMeaning: adv. on the run or in a hurry. 
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(1) The bird caught a bug on the fly.
(2) The code is translated on the fly.
(3) So far, policy is being made on the fly.
(4) Users can reportedly modify the workflow process on the fly.
(5) This time, I got it there on the fly.
(6) Sometimes you have to make decisions on the fly.
(7) The article studied the thermal desorption behavior Fs on the fly ash under anoxic conditions.
(8) The model can also be manipulated on the fly; the model change will reflect the UI change immediately.
(9) The laws were being changed on the fly.
(10) We build up such a data structure on the fly in the format routine, using the reverse command.
(11) For instance, an HTML equivalent is generated on the fly for search engines to index the contents of Silex Web sites as if they were HTML Web sites.
(12) It was all pretty much done on the fly.
(13) They dozen lanterns swung on the fly, dance , like willow father - in - law fairy.
(14) You know, just decide on the fly.
(15) Alpha can calculate life expectancy statistics for you on the fly.
(16) We had so little time to catch the train that we had to eat our lunch on the fly.
(17) The run-time code is loaded on to a real processor and translated on the fly into the chip's native instruction set.
(18) Some systems still rely on a batch pagination method while others, like Interleaf, do the whole thing on the fly.
(19) Some one more determined could probably find some flat back-road routes, but doing it on the fly proved beyond us.
(20) This root is then stored and may be accessed in the lexicon at run-time rather than determined on the fly.
(21) Taco Bell: The burritos and fajitas are among the easiest foods to eat on the fly.
(22) Java applets are capable of handling a wide variety of graphic formats as well as creating graphics on the fly.
(23) The attack of the tiger on the wild ass, the attack of the spider on the fly.
(24) The HTML string is different from the traditional selectors in that it creates the DOM elements representing that HTML string, on the fly, to be ( assumedly ) inserted into the document later.
(25) However, unlike similar technologies, it will self-heal corrupted blocks and fix them on the fly without user interaction.
(26) It also requires a query language to provide constructors that are capable of creating complex nested structures on the fly -- a facility that is not needed in a relational language.
(27) And maybe I've been inspired by the go-for-it teams, because I'm drawn most to the twosome of Phoenix and Dallas for a West champ in spite of everything they have to get done on the fly.
(28) I'll spot you and put on my headlights and catch you on the fly.
(29) VxWorks contains a C language interpreter intended to allow developers to type in C expressions and functions to be executed on the fly during system debugging.
(30) Race to match the sandwich on the picture card in Fast Food or try to toss a sandwich filling onto a bread glove in Service on the Fly.
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