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On the average in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-05-25Updated:2017-05-25
Synonym: on averageSimilar words: averageon averageaverage costaversion therapyeager beaveroverageaveragingcoverageMeaning: adv. typically. 
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1. He spends on the average two hours a day on reading.
2. On the average it takes about 18 months for a plant to flower.
3. This is the average man on the average day.
4. Manufacturers are overcharging motorists about £ 1,100 on the average new car, says the Consumers' Association.
5. These are on the average better educated than those in the marketplace.
6. Then the influence on the average power spectrum and bispectrum of specklegrams caused by the photon noise, additive noise and more complex noises of other kinds in the detecting system .
7. POD activity rises on the average, and the range of increase in Fipronil treatment and Abamectin treatment is a little high, reaching 598% and 247% respectively.
8. A parallel - inverter system based on the average current control scheme is studied in this paper.
9. On the average, however, males married in their mid-twenties, and females in their early teens (ie, soon after their first menstruation).
10. Under the wireless communication network environment, based on the average queue length and waiting time, an improved Random Early Detection (RED) algorithm is proposed.
11. The hydrodynamic governing equation was derived based on the average flow model of Patir-Cheng and the contact factor of Weibull asperity height distribution.
12. On the average, the speed of the development of of urbanization is depended of the economy.
13. "So even though on the average we're finding a slight trend toward men being more talkative than women, we found larger differences when you looked at particular situations, " Leaper said.
14. Each household sold , on the average, two pigs.
15. The affection carbon content on the average heat flux of slab coninuous casting was discussed.
16. On the average, it costs about two thousand five hundred U S dollars.
17. On the average improvement was seen at the end of a week.
18. On the average , males score higher on tests that measure mathematical reasoning.
19. Chancellor Kohl has placed the heaviest burden of paying for unification on the average wage-earner.
20. For seafarers paid on monthly basis : a three - month severance pay based on the average wage.
21. Once the correct track is found, the read-write head must wait for the data to rotate into position. On the average, this takes half a revolution.Sentence dictionary
22. Multiple linear regression and F-test were used to reveal the influence of sintering process parameters on the average speed at each forefront, and their relationships were proposed.
23. Even though the process of beta cell destruction may take three to five years on the average, the onset of the disease usually appears to be sudden and is often catastrophic.
24. A new distributed algorithm for cluster heads selection based on the average energy consumption of sensor nodes in each period was proposed, which was an improvement of the LEACH algorithm.
25. The austerity measures will have little immediate adverse effect on the average Moroccan.
26. The roughness of friction surface has a small influence on the average TIR radiation temperature, but has a much higher influence on the local highest TIR radiation temperature.
27. Compared with similar enterprise, those which carry out the ESOP are 1/3 higher on labor productivity, 50% higher on the average rate of profit, 25-60% higher on average of the salary .
28. Results show that packet length and channel rate only has marginal effects on the average power-consumption of the protocol.
29. In addition, the influences of the parameters such as diameter, velocity and concentration of petroleum coke on the average coefficient of flow resistance were discussed.
30. The amplitude and gradient of MMMT signals not only relied on the average stress of the shell, but also relied on the local stress concentration.
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