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Omit in a sentence

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Sentence count:75+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-25Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: barexcludeleave outmissneglectskipSimilar words: smiteadmitlimitcommitsubmitamitypermitsummitMeaning: [ə'mɪt] v. 1. prevent from being included or considered or accepted 2. leave undone or leave out. 
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1. Omit the salt in this recipe.
2. Please don't omit any details, no matter how trivial they may seem.
3. If you are a student, you can omit questions 1618.
4. I'll not wish to omit this valuable book from my reading.
5. Omit anything that is likely to offend people.
6. Please don't omit to lock the door when you leave.
7. We decided to omit the recitatives because, quite frankly, they are not very interesting.
8. Predictably, Communist historians omit any mention of this atrocity in their accounts of the period.
8. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
9. Please omit any reference to me in what you write of Patrick Hamilton.
10. What happened next ... Perhaps he should omit the details.
11. Why then omit to mention Walter?
12. Omit any mention of a short-term job that you left on poor terms?
13. Any list of success stories is bound to omit some favourite voice.
14. Please do not omit any details, however trivial they may seem.
15. Companies do sometimes give incorrect details or omit them altogether on their company stationery.
16. For example, many soap operas omit older people entirely, as if we were all perpetually middle-aged!
17. To refuse or to omit to leave is as much a trespass as to originally enter without any right.
18. General economic arguments, however, omit the spin-off benefits from the inventiveness of financial operators in search of bargains and easy profits.
19. Variations: omit brandy and use your choice of liqueur.
20. He withdrew it when it was agreed to omit the paragraph in its entirety.
21. Insist that I will not rationalise blunders, or omit details to camouflage motives.
22. It is both wasteful and irresponsible to set experiments in motion and omit to record and analyse what happens.
23. There were also the exercises that included having students omit certain words from their speech, Wirk said.
24. No doubt that story contained many scientific theories which she had had to omit from her tale, being unable to comprehend them.
25. In the search for approval, praise is everything, and when others omit to praise us we interpret this as rejection.
26. When they do utter word phrases, they tend to omit the verb endings, most pronouns, and the conjunctions.
27. Your editor should ask for your opinions, why you chose certain words or decided to include or omit information.
28. Indeed I piled up on my home bookshelf many more volumes than appear here and which I have regretfully had to omit.
29. Produces a listing file on the standard output. If you omit option , no file is produced.
30. When Alex Ferguson lured Eric Cantona across the Pennines earlier that same month, for instance, he had not found it necessary to omit a star in order to accommodate his new acquisition.
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