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Olefin in a sentence

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Sentence count:74Posted:2018-12-04Updated:2018-12-04
Similar words: middle fingerlittle fingerpetroleum refinerymalefictelefilmmaleficentsingle filecuttlefishMeaning: ['əʊləfɪn] n. any unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon. 
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1) Methods Use the Vaseline and Fluid Olefin as the base to prepare the Folium Callicarpa Nudiflora Ointment. Adopt UV-VIS to determine the contents of Flavones.
2) The alkylation of isoparaffin with olefin is an important process of petroleum processing.
3) Disclosed is a flame-retardant silane-crosslinked olefin resin composition having excellent flexibility and gasoline resistance.
4) Nickel - based olefin polymerization catalysts are new - type catalysts, which have attracted much attention in recent years.
5) Its packaging liquor consists of perchlorinated olefin compound resin, organic solvent colloidal solutions of ketone, acetic ester and benzoic ester and dye.
6) In hydroformylation of aliphatic olefin, although regioselectivity was low, the major product depended on the selectivity of catalyst. Development direction of metal-NHC complexes was prospected.
7) Flame-retardant silane-crosslinked olefin resin composition, insulated wire, and method for production of flame-retardant silane-crosslinked olefin resin.
8) According to the mechanism , olefin protonation is a process of acid-alkali reaction , so the reaction is easy to happen when the acidity of catalyst and the basicity of olefin are very strong .
9) Cyclic Olefin Copolymer ( COC ) is an amorphous polymer made by several polymer manufacturers.
10) Methods: 32 olefin slices of precancerosis mesentery treated by pregnancy hormone before an after, were detected the ER. PR of endometrium with the monoclonal antibody immunity histochemistry method.
11) Recent advances in hydroformylation of olefin catalyzed by metal-N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes especially Rh-NHC complex were reviewed on with an intention to promote relevant research.
12) The effects of catalyst dosage, the ratio of benzene to olefin, reaction temperature and reaction time on the yield of alky-benzene and the quality of alkylate were investigated.
13) The invention provides a catalyst used for preparing para-xylene and low-carbon olefin movable bed by selective methylation of toluene with methanol.
14) The system and the method for preparing high-quality petrol by hydrogenation after recombining component oil refining hydrocarbon cannot only remove olefin, but also can remove thioalcohol and diene.
15) The invention provides a process for the preparation of a chemical derivable from an olefin oxide.
16) Also provided is a process for narrowing the molecular weight distribution of a polyolefin comprising contacting an olefin, a Ziegler-Natta catalyst and a compound specified herein.
17) The catalytic systems containing the surface-active phosphine show a clear matching relation between the length of olefin chain and hydrophobic chain of the surface-active phosphine.
18) These fabrics are made of such fibers as polypropylene, olefin, polyester, nylon, and acrylic.
19) The applications of palladium membrane in the reaction system for producing olefin and hydrogen were introduced.
20) The invention relates to a method for preparing single salicylaldehyde imine vanadium olefin polymerization catalyst and application of the catalyst in catalyzing ethylene polymerization.
21) Further disclosed is a method for producing a flame-retardant silane-crosslinked olefin resin.
22) Sinopec's new test standards for blended oil now surpass international quality criteria, since they measure indicators for olefin contents and Dimethoxymethane.
23) Also, coking top cycle oil as raw oil is better than soft wax as feed through cracking olefin to synthesise lube oi...
24) It was found that hydrogenated coker gas oil and coker gasoline were suitable for producing ethylene due to higher olefin yields, less coking and better economic efficiency.
25) The experimental results showed that bimolecular reaction pattern was dominant over catalyst A, which resulted in lower dry gas yield and lower olefin content in cracked naphtha.
26) The invention discloses a catalyst for preparing paraxylene and low-carbon olefin by methyl alcohol conversion, a preparation method and application thereof.
27) Research result showed that with reaction temperature rising, the content of total paraffin and isoparaffin in FCC gasoline decrease while olefin and aromatics increase.
28) Ionic liquid can be used as green solvent in homogeneous catalysis. This paper reviews the recent development of hydroformylation of olefin in ionic liquid.
29) The double lift pipe catalytic cracking process and apparatus for modifying inferior petrol in petroleum processing aims at reducing the olefin content and sulfur content in petrol greatly.
30) The paper has reviewed the analysis method,[] the gas chromatography and the near infrared spectroscopy for determining olefin and aromatic hydrocarbon content in gasoline.
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