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Old hand in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-08-12Updated:2017-08-12
Similar words: old hatas luck would have itred-handedbehindhandsecondhandsecond handchildhoodcold-heartedMeaning: n. an experienced person who has been through many battles; someone who has given long service. random good picture
1. I don't want your old hand - me - downs!
2. I'm an old hand at this game.
3. An old hand at photography, Tim has been shooting wildlife as a hobby for the last 13 years.
4. She's an old hand at dealing with the press.
5. Blue is an old hand at such compositions and has never had any trouble with them.
6. Habitat is an old hand at changing habits of a lifetime.
7. Pete Zimmerman is an old hand at water initiatives.
8. Helms is an old hand at backroom politics.
9. She is an old hand at bluffing people.
10. He is an old hand at fencing.
11. Even an old hand like him had made a blunder this time.
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12. They say he is an old hand at hunting.
13. When Roberta had figured the total, a tired, old hand fished deep into the trench coat pocket.
14. He's an old hand ( ie very experienced ) at this game.
15. Take it from an old hand in this field.
16. He was an old hand at the job.
17. You carry it off like an old hand!
18. She's really an old hand to hop the plane.
19. The old hand - held storm lantern has become a decoration which reminds one of old times.
20. I'm an old hand at this game; you can't trick me.
21. He , as an old hand(, had a desk to himself.
22. As an old hand, he served on the Advisory Committee.
23. He's an old hand at fixing cars.
24. He was really an old hand.
25. Bargaining is child's play for an old hand like her.
26. We should be able to trust Silva to negotiate a good deal for us - he's an old hand at the game.
27. After both Millie and joseph were dead, Lally would write to my grandmother in her shaky old hand.
28. Having a stock of readymade vector images is a shortcut. If you are a designing greenhorn or an old hand, check out these ten resources for some inspiration and free vector art downloads.
29. His suitcase was open, and he was washing himself, using the old hand pump.
30. The author, Xinran Xue, who uses the name Xinran as a nom de plume, is an old hand.
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