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Octahedral in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2018-06-12Updated:2018-06-12
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1. However, even in a regularly octahedral complex there are ways of weakening the effectiveness of the Laporte selection rule.
2. Complete cubic octahedral crystal crystal shape, high strength and thermal stability.
3. Octahedral steel casting joints are used in the large-span structure of National Stadium in Beijing to transfer the inner columns from the diamond section into the rectangular section.
4. Octahedral and icosahedral tessellations work well and are notvery difficult to implement.
5. The octahedral formations drifted apart and the drones spread out in the upper atmosphere.
6. During the reaction, the octahedral dissolution of palygorskite induced heavy metal ions coprecipitation forming mixed double hydroxid precipitation on the surface of palygorskite.
7. The relationship of interlayer cation fixation and octahedral structure of secondary minerals is probably different from that of primary minerals.
8. The octahedral site preference energy for coordination center cations and spinel mineral structures can be used of calculation for distributing coeff...
9. An octahedral tessellation approximates a spherewith an octahedron whose vertices are all on the unIt'sphere.
10. The Ni(II) cation has a distorted octahedral geometry defined by five N atoms from two dimethylglyoxime molecules and two O atoms from two formate anions.
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11. But for sulphur - sensitized emulsion, the developing centres formed preferentially on the edge of octahedral grain.
12. For the planes (100) and (111) of two hexahedral and octahedral diamonds, the direction of the diamond during the conditioning is mainly a relatively contributed factor.
13. A method for producing a mixture of ethylene and carbon monoxide comprises contacting ethane and an oxygen source with a catalyst comprising synthetic cryptomelane or octahedral molecular sieve.
14. These gemstones were found in a mine in Cape Town, South Africa. The largest stone is a 136-carat clean white octahedral one which is as large as an orange.
15. It will be noted that between the two layers there exist interstices of two types: tetrahedral and octahedral.
16. The trigonal prism yields three isomers also(, but there are only two octahedral arrangements FOR this FORmulation.
17. The results showed that the nanoparticle materials had uniform size and were mostly octahedral structure.
18. This change can be explained by different cation radiuses in the octahedral coordination site of garnet lattice.
19. Inner- and outer-sphere surface complexes of all such three cations with tetrahedral and octahedral charge sites were observed in the one-layer hydrates.
20. The results show that strength of NEPE solid propellant under multi-axis stress state is related to strain; octahedral shear stress nonlinearly increases with the average main stress.
21. There are several mechanisms to release the difference in size while the silicon-oxygen tetrahedral sheet and octahedral sheet assemble the TO and TOT-type structural layers.
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