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Objective function in a sentence

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1. Class origins are less important than the objective function of serving the interests of the ruling class.
2. However, the objective function increases if we increase any variable.
3. The up-pseudo-cost is where is the objective function value of the up-problem.
4. Similarly, there is an objective function which has T2 as its optimal tableau.
5. In this thesis, the objective function is to minimize the active power loss. The node voltage of system and reactive power of generator, which are step beyond the boundary, as punished functions.
6. In the meantime, the objective function calculation approaches in flatness error evaluation are given.
7. The expressions of ideal frequency distortion M_0, objective function Y are presented.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. The objective function of the mathematical price model is cost minimization of customers and profits of the supply company is the essential restriction.
9. These two methods use negative stacked energy as objective function and static correction value as model parameter.
10. Using maximum approximation of differential Negentropy, an objective function for ICA is introduced and a Fast-ICA algorithm based on maximum Negentropy is presented.
11. By introducing the prior information constraint in the objective function, we can solve the ill-posed problem and band-limited problem for the impedance inversion.
12. The method only uses objective function value, without solving for the derivative directions.
13. To accommodate multiple objectives, we will extend the simplex tableau by including an additional objective row for each objective function.
14. We first observe that T1 is uniquely optimal for the objective function because we would have.
15. Forcing x r to an integer value reduces the objective function by approximately for the down-problem and for the up-problem.
16. This involves specifying a goal or target value for the objective function.
17. The cross-section area A1 is bigger than A2 and the design value C is longer than B through observing the mutative curve of design parameter and objective function.
18. For function optimization problems, according to the nature of the objective function domain, can be divided into discrete function optimization and continuous function optimization.
19. The traditional optimization design is only based on the minimum cost objective function and does not consider the mechanical analysis target.
20. To the nonconvex programming, the article makes it local convexification by introducing a simple penalty function into the objective function, and solves it like solving convex programming.
21. The space debris and meteoroid environment are defined followed by the formulation of the general weight objective function.
22. The classical ISE index in the optimal control theory is augmented to an AISE index as the objective function.
23. Analysizing the factors that effect the ship-to-air firepower assignment and combining the shooting advantage degree, acquires the objective function under the constraint.
24. The multi-step predictive information is included in the optimization objective function and improves the robu...
25. The matrix method and diagonal matrix method of multi-component VLE flash are established in the paper by choosing mole numbers as iteration variables and material balance as objective function.
26. At the same time, in order to insure the calculability of the objective function in the searching process of the particle swarm, neural network is used to model the voltage boosting circuit.
27. You may recall from Part 2 in this series that the directional derivative of the objective function gives the direction in which the objective function grows in a maximization problem.
28. An optimal scheduling model, which had resource constraints and adopted makespan as objective function, was built.
29. The feasible direction method and the complex method are used in the optimal design of dam section, with the same design variables and the objective function. They led to the same result.
30. The absorbed energy by structure is adopted as the objective function, and it is a trial in the filed of building structure dynamic optimization.
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