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Objectionable in a sentence

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Sentence count:63Posted:2017-08-02Updated:2017-08-02
Synonym: exceptionableobnoxiousSimilar words: unobjectionableobjectionobjective functionactionablesubjectionabjectionobjectiveobjectifyMeaning: [əb'dʒekʃnəbl] adj. 1. causing disapproval or protest 2. liable to objection or debate; used of something one might take exception to. random good picture
1. I myself didn't find his behaviour objectionable.
2. I found the violence in that film really objectionable.
3. Why are you being so objectionable today?
4. His drunken behaviour was extremely objectionable.
5. All the objectionable words and phrases were edited out of the manuscripts.
6. This programme contains scenes some viewers may find objectionable .
7. The council tax will retain the most objectionable parts of the poll tax - the head count tax on the individual.
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8. And the big slob didn't even realize how objectionable he was.
9. The pleading was, however, objectionable on various formal grounds which formed the basis of the special demurrer.
10. Objectionable pictures have been deemed to contribute to a hostile environment.
11. I find him most objectionable.
12. They accepted an objectionable, racially-discriminatory basis on which Hong Kong citizenship would be decided.
13. The rabbits find that most objectionable and are often very pleased to leave of their own accord.
14. Paragraph 11 is objectionable also, in my opinion, in that it appears to contemplate the possibility of a class remedy.
15. The odour may be objectionable to him but is it sufficiently so to amount to a nuisance at law?
16. I find it highly objectionable to have to sit near people who are smoking.
17. I don't like your tone young woman, in fact I find it highly objectionable.
18. A stream of complaints to Bloomsbury House led to the sacking of the more objectionable roughnecks.
19. Last November, he publicly outlined a list of changes he said would make the amendment less objectionable.
20. Eventually, parents with special electronic equipment could block out programs they find objectionable.
21. This sort of delegated legislation is not only thoroughly objectionable constitutionally.
22. We shall adopt here the first of these solutions, as being the least objectionable of the two.
23. And it was during this period that by far the most objectionable projects were built.
24. Dole has made mistakes, flip-flopped on issues and indulged in objectionable campaign tactics.
25. But we should not conclude from this that they are therefore intrinsically objectionable and unworkable.
26. Dismissal may include constructive dismissal: the employer's behaviour proves so objectionable that the employee is obliged to leave.
27. A reporter's job is to stay put and tell us what she can, even if it means crawling to objectionable people.
28. And in this respect we are not able to see that these privileges are especially odious or objectionable.
29. The first of those alternatives would not have been objectionable.
30. Any attempt to stifle or fetter such criticism amounts to political censorship of the most insidious and objectionable kind.
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