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Nymphal in a sentence

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1. Results The infestation rate of adult and nymphal cockroaches in the CRH trains was 19.13%. The highest density of cockroaches was found at the buffet, fresh cabinets and under the seats.
2. The mouthparts of larval and nymphal ticks will seldom be left in the skin.
3. Larval and nymphal ticks may penetrate a coarse weave sock.
4. Their lengthy nymphal stage is unparalleled within the animal kingdom and continues to draw the interest of scientists.
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5. In the laboratory, nymphal I. scapularis can survive for over 6 months at 93-100% relative humidity (RH), but over half will die in less than 4 days at 65% RH.
6. However, another study found nymphal ticks to be more abundant in moist fern habitat than open understory, deciduous litter habitat.
7. Insects that undergo incomplete metamorphosis lack a pupal stage and adults develop through a series of nymphal stages.
8. The Philippine populations are almost brachypterous, however, the bracheypterous ratio of BPH males raise with the increase of nymphal density.
9. Amino acids in the secretion were analyzed by Amino Acid Analyzer. There are 16 different kinds of amino acids identified and 15 kinds of free amino acids except arginine in the nymphal secretion.
10. The effects of a constantly changing photoperiod on the nymphal development of Tartarogryllus minusculus are investigated in this paper.
11. When we apply 'Mie Jie Ling' at 1 age nymphal stage, 2 age nymphal initial stage of scale louse, its results will improve greatly.
12. There are 16 different kinds of amino acids identified and 15 kinds of free amino acids in the nymphal secretion.
13. The Zhejiang populations show low brachypterous ratios and have a negative correlation with nymphal density, belonging to the temperate type.
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