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Nose down in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2019-03-14Updated:2019-03-14
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1. He pushed the nose down for the final approach.
2. Tie your safe belts,our plane will begin to nose down.
3. On their way out they found it nose down in the field.
4. He shoved the nose down to sixty degrees and was rewarded with a perfect view of the ruined Hurricane.
5. It was tilted to one side and nose down.
6. Then there's a steep approach when we nose down at 30 degrees.
7. Barton nudged the nose down and tested the strength of the right-hand roll.
8. As he pushed the nose down for the final approach, he extended down the undercarriage.
9. Apply coarse nose down trim with each attitude change and as the speed increases. 4.
10. Killion immediately put the nose down.
11. A bad it ! I have the nose down it!
12. We pitched nose down, the windows blew out. The noise was deafening. Papers, clothing, everything was being sucked out of the windows.
13. I let my dog plunged its nose down the hole to see if the rabbit was still there.
14. Tie your safe belts, our plane will begin nose down.
15. The dog plunges its nose down the hole to see if the rabbit was still there.
16. To descend nose down at an acceleration usually exceeding that of free fall.
17. You don't see your car nose down, trunk up in a hole. It looks like, it looked like someone picked it up when in a hole.
18. I push the nose down until it is right on the horizon and maintain level flight until the jet stabilizes.
19. The big airliner began to nose down for a landing.
20. Education happens everywhere, not just with your nose down in a book, or stuck into a computer screen.
21. This is particularly dangerous because the weight and drag of the second cable may make it difficult to get the nose down.
22. She then raises her hind legs so that she is crouching with her nose down and her back tilted.
23. Them with terrible majesty, it snap-rolled on to its back and with its nose down began yawing violently to the right.
24. He breaks into a wide smile, and a dried bogie snowflakes from his nose down to the ground.
25. I make sure the throttles are in MIL power, push the nose down, and fly out.
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. It ought to decrease power until the airspeed lower then nose down.
27. He wiped his mouth with the back of his arm and held nose down.
28. Horizontal or lateral axis, passes through the airplane from one side to the other - nose up and nose down control is by elevators (and stabilizer for trim).
29. We ought to hold the column and make the aircraft nose down to accelerate with full poser before reach to the stall speed.
30. Those of you familiar with the API have been working at the highest level of abstraction, and from there you can follow your nose down into the lower levels according to your interests.
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