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Norse in a sentence

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Similar words: corsemorseworsehorsegorseworsenget worsecorsetMeaning: [nɔːs] n. 1. an inhabitant of Scandinavia 2. a native or inhabitant of Norway 3. the northern family of Germanic languages that are spoken in Scandinavia and Iceland. adj. 1. of or relating to Scandinavia or its peoples or cultures 2. of or relating to Norway or its people or culture or language. random good picture
1. The word derives from a Norse word meaning "eye of the wind".
2. In Norse mythology the moon is personified as male.
3. The Norse were not the only men to dare the sea-routes to Ulthuan.
4. As a kid, I read all the Norse mythology I could put my hands on.
5. The Norse people probably called the island Rumsay, adopting an older Celtic name of Ruiminn.
6. From the Old Norse Skratta, a goblin.
7. Just as hapless as the plundering Norse overlord he'd been playing for the past few weeks!
8. That wolf? Just as hapless as the plundering Norse overlord he'd been playing for the past few weeks!
9. Norse raids have become ever more numerous.
10. Scandinavian place-names; Old Norse studies.
11. Perhaps the most famous legendary squid is the Norse Kraken, a monstrous, tentacled beast as large as an island that devoured ships whole.
12. A collection of Old Norse poems, called the Elder or Poetic Edda, assembled in the early 3th century.
13. And in the 9 th century Old Norse was carried far westward to Iceland.
14. The river Gi 611 -- the Norse Styx - surrounded this lower world on every side.
15. In Norse mythology Yggdrasil was a Great Ash Tree, also known as the Tree of Life.
16. Old Norse legends say that the gods secured eternal youth by eating apples.
17. Norse paganism, the religious traditions that were common among the Scandinavian people before the Christianization of Scandinavia.
18. At last the Norse yoke was broken by two remarkable men.
19. In some Norse sources , Brunhild has supernatural and is described as a Valkyrie.
20. The name of the mountain appears to be derived from an old Norse word.
21. But he was soon to find that Tolkien had more to offer him than the chance to learn Old Norse.
22. To say this is not to defend the pitiless Norse pirates.
23. They are also the main power who fight with gods of Norse in "Ragnarok".
24. Nastrand was the name of the worst spot in the Norse hell.
25. He was methodical in his research, engrossing himself in Hellenic dramas and Norse mythology.
26. Secondly, the invasion and long period plunder by the Norse which made a heavy blow to regional trade which has lived long before, then the inland trade decline also.
27. My username is the name of a prophetess in Norse mythology.
28. Etymonline pushes the date for the parents of brittle even further back, invoking proto-germanic(sentencedict .com), Old High German and Old Norse.
29. The Valkyries, in the guise of swans, bore their fallen heroes to the Valhalla of Norse mythology.
30. Wikipedia tells me that a kenning is called a kenning from a norse phrase translating as "to express a thing in terms of another."
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