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Normal state in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
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1. Crisis has always been the normal state of affairs in our country's politics.
2. The random production might be regarded as the normal state of affairs, periodic production occurring through a rather special mechanism.
3. It was the normal state of red alert, panic, and disarray in the Bronx County Building.
4. It is autocracy reverting to its normal state of palace crime, blood - stained magnificence, and moral squalor.
5. Analyzing the motion of ovuie omasum in normal state and the motional regularity was obtained preliminarily.
6. Euploidy The normal state in which an organism's chromosome number is an exact multiple of the haploid number characteristic of the species.
7. Maximize button in the normal state.
8. Americans can never be a normal state of mind into a state of war.
9. Now the world is reverting to its normal state - a powerful Asia - and we will have to adjust.
10. At the upper critical field the magnetic field completely penetrated the sample and it reverted entirely to its normal state.
11. A century later Gregory of Tours treated this description as representing the normal state of the catholic Church under Euric.
12. Because the squirrel cage rotor real structure is considered, the model can be used to simulate the motors normal state, external faults and broken bars and rings faults exactly.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. The results from preliminary analysis indicate that the foundation rock deformation is rational and the major structure is in safe and normal state at present.
14. Wang Xi: Should make of network and reality interactive become normal state.
15. It will send the message of alarm when the tyre pressure is not normal and the driver can receive the signal in the car by a wireless receiving set. So it can ensure the normal state of the tyre.
16. In order to assure that there isn't oversize deformation in the normal state, it is necessary to analyze the structure loaded by wind and design the sound structure.
17. Objective : To observe the microcirculation within the cerebral cortex of normal state Rabbit.
18. The method compensates the stator current in the fault state in order to keep the magnetomotive force as that in normal state.
19. We discuss the quantum characteristics of superconductor tunneling junction (SIS) during its transition from zero voltage state to normal state.
20. Waterproof and impermeable abilities are very important to keep the normal state of an engineering project, and the key method to increase impermeability is to use impermeable concrete.
21. A pneumatic tire where ride comfort is prevented from being impaired by vibration input to the tire in a normal state and run-flat durability is remarkably improved.
22. This paper proposed a set of variational wave functions that have four parameters, and it also systematically calculated the normal state atoms for third period elements.
23. Objective:To study endoneurial fluid pressure in facial nerve of normal state.
24. The design selected water as pressure-filled process, and adopted bursiform divide-shaped air pressure water pot as holdup device to ensure the system is in normal state.
25. After a time Sri Ramakrishna showed signs of regaining the normal state.
26. Conclusions: Repolarization gradients exist over the swine left ventricular epicardium in normal state.
27. After the stressor disappears, the body returns to its normal state (homeostasis).
28. But the algorithm is relatively complex. Under the unbalanced voltage condition, PWM rectifier designed according to balanced condition can not operate in normal state.
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