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Noisily in a sentence

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Sentence count:104+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-11Updated:2017-01-11
Similar words: noiseconnoisseurbourgeoisiedisillusionanointsilkhoistsillyMeaning: ['nɔɪzɪlɪ] adv. with much noise or loud and unpleasant sound. random good picture
(1) The swan flapped its wings noisily.
(2) She was crunching noisily on an apple.
(3) Ducks were quacking noisily on the lake.
(4) She was noisily sucking up milk through a straw.
(5) The pile of books flopped noisily onto the floor.
(6) Chattering noisily, the crowd began to filter into the auditorium.
(7) She slurped noisily from her cup.
(8) The children were stomping around noisily.
(9) Her typewriter clacked noisily as she typed out the letter.
(10) The door in the old house creaked noisily.
(11) A pigeon emerges, wings flapping noisily(, from the tower.
(12) The trolley came by, dinging noisily.
(13) The knife clattered noisily to the floor.
(14) The lorry crawled noisily up the hill.
(15) Parts of the machine were grinding together noisily.
(16) The children piled noisily into the bus.
(17) The children were playing noisily upstairs.
(18) He had cried noisily and without shame at the news of Esther's death.
(19) He jiggled the doorknob noisily.
(20) The students on the grass bank cheered noisily.
(21) At the sink, Neil noisily gargled something medicinal.
(22) A motorbike started up noisily outside.
(23) The boys charged noisily into the water.
(24) She sat by the window,[] noisily gulping her morning coffee.
(25) Joshua rose to his feet and applauded noisily.
(26) The sun is burning, the crowd is going noisily mental and the security guards are looking anxious.
(27) Birds far from their nests whirred noisily in the sky, a cheerless sound that Jinju found particularly unsettling.
(28) The old clock ticked noisily.
(29) I could hear mum venting her frustration by banging the pots noisily.
(30) An assistant began waving his arms and talking to the dealer noisily in his native tongue.
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